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  • Pearland ISD school nurses and clinic staff are proud to be a part of your child’s education. Success in school is directly related to the good health and emotional well-being of each student.

    Although primary responsibility for the care of children lies with parents, Pearland ISD clinic staff is here to assist and support parents’ efforts to maintain their children's health.

    Our goal is to educate all children, beginning in elementary school, to take control of their own health so they can grow up to be strong and independent.


    Health Services Staff Roster




    Campus Phone Email
    Christine Beck, RN


    281-485-3203 Email
    Monica Reynolds, RN


    281-412-1599 Email

    Angela Fletcher, RN

     Pearland High School

    281-997-7445 Email

    Kelli Holloman, RN


    Dinorah Lopez, Nurse Assistant


    Rebecca Brunett, Nurse Assistant


    DeAnn Jones, RN

    Dawson High School 281-412-8800 Email

    Ali MacMillan, RN


    Ann Robinson, Nurse Assistant

    Chenita McFarland, RN

    Turner CCHS

    281-727-1600 Email
    Ann Hura, RN

    Pearland Jr Hi East

    281-485-2481 Email
    Monica Santini, RN

    Pearland Jr Hi West

    281-412-1222 Email
    Lisa Collins, RN

    Pearland Jr Hi South

    281-727-1500 Email
    Emily Garza, RN

    Berry Miller Jr Hi

    281-997-3900 Email

    Brittany Briggs, RN

    Lawhon Elementary



    Sherrie Mullikin, RN

    CJ Harris Elementary

    281-485-4024 Email
    Megan Johnson, RN

    Shadycrest Elementary

    281-412-1404 Email
    Amanda Sledge, RN

    Carleston Elementary

    281-412-1412 Email
    Jackie Smith, RN

    Jamison Middle School

    281-412-1440 Email
    Rhonda Cardenas, Healthcare Assistant

    Challenger Elementary

    281-485-7912 Email
    Sheila Scott, RN

    Rustic Oak Elementary

    281-482-5400 Email
    Stacy Elliott, RN

    Sablatura Middle School

    281-412-1500 Email
    Mildred Crosby, RN

    Silverlake Elementary

    713-436-8000 Email
    Colleen Moloney, RN

    Silvercrest Elementary

    832-736-6000 Email
    Gabby Ordeneaux, Healthcare Assistant

    Rogers Middle School

    832-736-6400 Email
    Cheri Archer, RN

    Massey Ranch Elementary

    281-727-1700 Email
    Suzanne Mejia, RN

    Cockrell Elementary

    832-736-6600 Email
    Debbie Dick, RN

    Magnolia Elementary

    281-727-1750 Email
    Brandy Hammond, Healthcare Assistant

    Alexander Middle School

    832-736-6700 Email

Keeping Students Healthy

  • Healthy Students Learn

    Christine Beck, MSN, RN
    Health Services Coordinator

    Monica Reynolds, BSN, RN
    Lead Nurse