Student Transfers

  • The student transfer application period has ended for any student who is not the child of a full-time Pearland ISD employee. Due to the volume of applications received and fairness to all applicants, we are unable to accept late transfer applications.  


    • Transfers are for students who wish to attend a school that they are not zoned to attend.
    • Transfers are not for students who move from one school zone/district to another and want to enroll in their new school. Students who move and want to enroll in the school they are now zoned to attend enroll there as a new student.
    • Student transfers are a privilege. Only a zoned campus is obligated to enroll a student. Eligibility requirements must be met and maintained to attend a school on transfer.
    • Transfers are approved for no more than one year. Transfers must be applied for annually through the student transfer program by all students on transfer. Transfers may not be obtained through Skyward registration.
    • Students who do not apply during the application period or do not meet eligibility will attend their zoned campus.
    • Transportation is not provided to transfer students.
    • “Closed Campuses” will not accept new transfer students or transfer students new to that campus, unless the parent is a full-time employee at that campus. Additional campuses and/or programs may close as they reach capacity.
    • Attending in a feeder pattern will not qualify a transfer student to attend the next campus in that feeder pattern. If the next campus in the feeder pattern is “closed” they will not accept a transfer unless the parent is a full-time employee at that campus.
    • The list of “Closed Campuses” may change year to year based on enrollment at each campus each year.
    • Transfers are based on your home address at the start of the school year. If you plan to move later in the year, you must apply for the transfer during the application period. You cannot apply for a transfer once the program closes.



    Online Student Transfer application periods are as follows:

    Students who live inside the Pearland ISD boundary:

    Children of full-time Pearland ISD employees begins April 15, 2019

    Children of non-employees of Pearland ISD:
    April 15, 2019 to May 24, 2019 at 4:45 PM

    (Late applications cannot be accepted as the automated program will close precisely at the deadline.)

    Students who live outside the Pearland ISD boundary and are children of full-time Pearland ISD employees: Applications begin April 15, 2019

    Transfer not submitted online:

    Applications are not submitted online for students who live outside the Pearland ISD boundary and are not children of full-time Pearland ISD employees. Those applications must be printed from the website and submitted to the district office as directed on the application.

    The application period for this transfer is June 3 – June 13, 2019, ending at 4:45 PM, sharply.

    Early or late applications will not be accepted. Pearland ISD is closed on Friday, June 7, 2019.


    Begin application process below:

    A full-time employee of Pearland ISD is an employee with a permanent position who receives a regular paycheck from Pearland ISD and qualifies for TRS.  It does not include substitutes or contract workers.

    Are you a full-time employee of Pearland ISD?



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