• Transportation Changes for 4th 9-Weeks...

    Families have the option to change the instruction mode for their children for the 4th 9-week period beginning March 8, 2021. If you are changing from remote to on-campus instruction for the 4th 9-weeks, please note the following:

    • Bus registration is required before route services will be scheduled for students returning to on-campus instruction.
      • If you registered your child for service earlier this school year by completing the online form in Skyward, there is no need to re-register.
      • If you HAVE NOT completed the online form in Skyward for bus service or previously completed the form declining bus service, you MUST complete the online form in Skyward to request bus service.
        • Registrations submitted on or before February 22, 2020 will be scheduled for service to begin on March 8, 2021.
        • Registrations received after February 22, 2020 will result in a delay in start of service of up to 5 days depending upon the availability of existing routes and stops.
      • If your child receives special transportation services as part of their IEP and you are making a change to instruction mode, please contact your campus ARD facilitator to intiate changes to transportation.
    • The Transportation Department will begin scheduling route services to meet the needs of our additional students returning to campus for the 4th 9-weeks. There will be some changes to routes and schedules to best accommodate our student riders.

    • An email notification will be sent out on or before March 6, 2021 to the primary email contact for each student scheduled for route services to advise of each student's bus number, stop location, and scheduled pick-up/drop-off times. To ensure that any changes to existing routes are communicated, we will be sending the email notifications out to ALL students who are scheduled for services (both current and newly scheduled riders.)

    We will not be able to provide bus route and stop information for the 4th 9-week period until the registration and routing process has been completed.


  • Pearland ISD employees, please login to this website for additional information and announcements from the Transportation Department.

    - Thanks!

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  • Welcome Aboard!

    The Transportation Team is ready to welcome our students back for the 2020-2021 school year!

    Transportation services will begin on August 31, 2020 for students who are attending on-campus instruction.


    New for 2020-2021

    • Students Pre-K through 12th grade must register for bus service to be scheduled and approved for a route. No student will be able to ride a bus until scheduled for service! To register for bus service, access the transportation request form through your child's Skyward account. The form is currently included in the annual registration packet.
      • If your child is initially participating in the remote instruction option but may consider returning to on-campus instruction later in the year, you do not need to request bus service until you are ready for your child to begin riding. The form will be accessible through your child's Skyward account in the Online Forms section at that time.
      • If you are not planning for your child to ride the bus at this time, you do not need to request bus service at this time. You may request service by completing the form in your child's Skyward account once you are ready for your child to begin riding.Once a request form is completed, it may be up to 5 days before service is scheduled and may begin.

    • Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten must be released to an approved person at the bus stop as has been required in previous years. However, parents or guardians of students in Pre-K and Kindergarten must designate a 4-digit personal identification number (PIN) when registering their students for bus service. Anyone present to receive the student from the bus at the stop must provide the correct PIN to the driver in order to receive the student from the bus. If no one is present at the stop who can provide the correct PIN, the student will be returned to the campus for the parent or guardian to pickup.


    COVID-19 Transportation Provisions

    As a response to COVID-19, Pearland ISD encourages all families, with the ability to do so, to transport students to and from school. Bus transportation will be offered; however, the standard number of transported students compromises the ability to socially distance. For this reason, students utilizing bus transportation will be required to utilize face coverings.

    • Students in all grade levels will be required to complete an online transportation request form through Skyward in order to be scheduled for bus service.
    • Bus seating will be assigned for all students.
    • When possible, siblings or students residing in the same household will be seated together.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available on each bus and students will use the hand sanitizer upon entry to the bus.
    • All bus drivers and monitors will wear appropriate face coverings.
    • All students (health exceptions) will be required to wear face coverings. Families are required to provide these for their students.
    • Each bus will be sanitized between routes and Transportation staff members will be trained in proper sanitizing procedures.
    • When possible, windows and roof vents will be opened while the bus is operating to increase the fresh air flow through the bus. Air conditioners will continue to be used in conjunction with the open windows.
    • Bus stop locations may change from previous years in some areas to reflect the actual students who are utilizing bus service. As a result, some locations may require a student to walk a bit farther to a bus stop than in the past.
    • For students choosing the optional bus fee service, payment may be made in full for the entire year once the fees are added in Skyward, or monthly payments may be made throughout the year. If monthly payments are made, payments are due on the first day of each month (August through May.) If payment is not received within 15 days, bus service will be discontinued for the student. The parent or guardian may request to have service reinstated, but it is subject to the delinquent payments being made and the availability of route service and capacity to accommodate the student.

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