Board of Trustees

  • 2020-21 Board of Trustees

  • The Pearland ISD Board of Trustees and administrative team work in partnership to provide leadership for the district. The elected board functions as the district's policy-making body, and the administrative staff carries out the policies set by the board. Trustees model effective school board practices, working as a team for students' benefit.

    The seven-member board of trustees meets at 5 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month and invites citizens to attend. Meetings are held at the Virgil Gant Education Support Center (1928 N. Main).

    Individuals may address the board during the citizen's participation portion of the regular meeting. However, action cannot be taken on any item unless it is on the published agenda. 

    All regular school board meetings are recorded, with audio and video available no later than seven days after the meeting. These files are found on the Meeting Archive page.

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  • Proposed Annual Calendar of Board Major Events and Activities

    Board Events

    *Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the following agenda items were moved to different months as district priorities and placement of items on the agenda have been altered:


    • All agenda items in March were moved to April


    • Culturally Responsive Committee update (moved to June) 
    • Board president's annual report on trustee's continuing education (new date to be determined) 
    • Spring Town Hall (new date to be determined) 
    • Workshop Addressing Student Stress (moved to June)


    • Major Briefing: Update on Schools Identified for Additional Support* (new date to be determined)
    • Establish Goals for Early Childhood Education and College, Career and Military Readiness* (new date to be determined)
    • Canvass Results of May 2020 Election* (new date to be determined)
    • Budget Workshop No. 2 (moved to June)


    • New Trustee Orientation (new date to be determined)
    • Workshop Addressing Perceived Lack of Rigor in Regular Education Classes (new date to be determined)