• Administration - Superintendent's Cabinet

  • Larry Berger

    Larry Berger

    Twitter: @LarryBergerSupt

              • Oversee Instructional and Personnel Management
              • Manage Administrative, Fiscal, and Facilities Functions
              • Cultivate School and Organization Improvement
  • David Moody

    David Moody
    Deputy Superintendent

              • Provide leadership, supervision, and guidance for campus leadership teams.
              • Supervise the directors of M&O, Transportation, Food Service, and Safe and Secure Schools
              • Communicate the district’s mission to increase community support and engagement
  • Dr. Watson

    Dr. Nyla Watson
    Chief Academic Officer

              • Supervise Curriculum & Instruction
              • Supervise Bilingual Department 
              • Oversee professional development for teachers
              • Supervise Testing and Career and Technology Departments
  • Jorgannie Carter

    Jorgannie Carter
    Chief Financial Officer

              • Direct and manage the operation of all financial and business affairs
              • Provide managerial direction and coordination under board policy guidelines
              • Chief financial adviser to the superintendent and board of trustees.
  • Jon-Paul Estes

    Jon-Paul Estes
    Chief Technology Officer

              • District Technology Strategy
              • Departmental Management
              • “Chief Geek”
  • Dr. Nixon

    Dr. Lisa Nixon
    Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

              • Oversees Educational Services including Advanced Academics, Guidance Services, Outreach & Attendance, Special Education, and Student Transfers
              • Oversees School Health Services
              • District Section 504 Coordinator
  • Tonya Dawson

    Tanya Dawson
    General Counsel

              • Coordinate all legal services required by the district
              • Serve as the district’s compliance officer
              • Provide assistance and advice regarding district records (Texas Public Information Act)
  • Dr. Sundie Dahlkamp

    Dr. Sundie Dahlkamp
    Executive Director of Human Resource Services and Communications

              • Department Management and Operations
              • Cabinet/School Board Communications
              • District Title IX Coordinator
  • Marlo Keller

    Marlo Keller
    Executive Director of Elementary Education

              • Provide supervision and guidance for elementary campuses
              • Support Pearland Education Foundation
  • Dr. Henson-Vaughn

    Dr. La'Kesha Henson-Vaughn
    Executive Director of Intermediate Schools

              • Provide supervision and guidance for the middle school and junior high campuses
              • Supervise the Director of Fine Arts
              • Oversee district student handbook and calendar
  • Kelly Holt

    Kelly Holt
    Executive Director of High Schools

              • Support the effort of the high school principals to achieve campus goals
              • Provide and promote professional development for principals and assistant principals
              • Assist Deputy Superintendent with duties and responsibilities