Administration - Superintendent's Cabinet

  • Dr. John Kelly - Superintendent
    Gina Guzzetta - Executive Assistant

    David Moody - Deputy Superintendent
    Jennifer Rountree - Executive Assistant

    Dr. Nyla Watson - Chief Academic Officer
    Linda Sloan - Executive Assistant

    Jorgannie Carter - Chief Financial Officer
    Maria Gonzalez- Executive Assistant

    Dr. Brenda Waters - Senior Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education
    Denise Carter - Executive Assistant

    Larry Berger - Assistant Superintendent for Support Services
    Janet Christman - Executive Assistant

    Dr. Lisa Nixon - Assistant Superintendent for Special Programs
    Christy Coleman - Executive Assistant

    Dr. Sundie Dahlkamp - Executive Director for Human Resource Services
    Gina Dombrosky - Executive Assistant

    Dr. LaKesha Henson-Vaughn - Executive Director of Intermediate Schools
    Roberta Chavarria  - Executive Assistant

    Kim Hocott - Executive Director of Communications
    Tamara Hanson - Executive Assistant

    Kelly Holt - Executive Director of High Schools
    Roberta Chavarria  - Executive Assistant

    Tanya Dawson - General Counsel
    Sheila Vershier - Executive Assistant

    Jon-Paul Estes -Chief Technology Officer
    Danica Weimer - Executive Assistant