• Thursday, 3/26

    I wanted to share this for anyone who is missing reading time.
    Click on this link to start listening--


    Tuesday, 3/24

    I am getting a lot of responses from you guys, but I wanted to ask for a quick favor. If you are friends with anyone else that you know has me for English, please spead the word that this is where all assignments will be posted. I am afraid a lot of kids are not seeing the Skyward email blast, and therefore have no idea where to find their English work. 


    Monday, 3/23

    Hey guys! 

    This is where your assignments will be posted every week. Click the tab on the left with your class period for your instructions. 

    If you have any issues moving forward, please do not hesitate to email me. 


    I hope you are all doing well and I hope to see you again soon!