Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Math Master's Degree Math Education Tutoring times MW lunch

Deborah Brown

Welcome!  This year I am teaching AP Statistics. 

My education background:

Bachelor's in Math from THE Ohio State University and a Masters from Texas A&M. I began teaching in high school and then taught college for many years.  I still teach as an online adjunct professor at Indiana Wesleyan University. I started teaching at Dawson in 2014

My family:

I am married to a history teacher (Dan) who teaches in Clear Creek and I have 4 children. Alec is a junior and plays golf for Dawson.  James is a 7th grader and plays football for Berry Miller. Grace is a 5th grade Rogers Rocket and plays piano and various sports. Luke is my baby and he is a 3rd grader at Silverlake Elementary who plays football for the Pearland Eagles Blue.  

Why I teach:

I love to learn. It is an incredible gift that God has given to us.  My desire is to pass on that passion and help student's expand their minds and goals and pursue their dreams.  You have been created by a wonderful creator for a specific purpose. If I am able to push you one inch towards that goal, you will have made my day.   I understantd that sometimes part of the journey is being successful in the course I teach.  I welcome helping you learn this material and helping you fall in love with learning along the way.