• Coach Grant's US Government Class


    US Government is a one semester Senior level course that is a graduation requirement. 

    I really enjoy teaching and coaching and I am passionate about teaching our future leaders. 

    One of my favorite things about teaching the US Government course is the fact that this course is a living and breathing subject.  There are things that are happening on a daily basis that have a directly impact us all. We will dive into a variety of topics that will help students understand the US Government and how it operates.  And most importantly, give them unbiased information so that they may determine what side of political issues they stand on.


    Skyward Access

    Please make sure you stay updated with your Grades. 

    I put in grades as soon as I possibly can so that there shouldn't be any surprises and you should have a clear idea of where you stand in class at all times.


    Tuesday and Thursday during the B-Portion of Eagle Hour (12:18-12:48)


    Conference Period:

    6th Period - 12:52 -1:41

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    Students must bring their school issued device or own computer to be able to access Canvas to class with you each day.



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