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    Please use the information below (6th and 7th periods) to complete the "Quoyle" paragraphs:


    • Complete your warm up: what are the essential pieces of a well-written analytical paragraph?
    • Get out your packet from last night along with a sheet of paper. Title the paper “paragraph practice” and make sure you follow the MLA heading format on the board. This goes on the left side of the paper in the heading space.
    • Here’s some helpful information for today:
    • The work that you do within the packet is essentially all of the heavy lifting for writing your paragraph. When you’re done, you just have to transfer that work into 5 coherent sentences. J
    • Fill in the chart on page 2 with this information:
    • Category 1 – relationships, Category 2 – physical appearance, Category 3 – self image
    • REMEMBER – we are NOT writing an essay. Change the word “essay” to “paragraph” and “thesis” to “topic sentence.”
    • For your topic sentence, you’ll only choose ONE element to discuss. Your choices are either diction, details, or figurative language. Choose the one you feel you have the best text evidence for.
    • You’ll all start your topic sentence off with some version of this:
    • In Annie Proulx’s “The Shipping News,” the author uses metaphor to convey Quoyle’s unfortunate physical appearance.