• Clubs & Organizations

    This is a guide to Turner College and Career High School clubs. If interested in joining, please contact the sponsors.

    Club Administrator: Mrs. Psarovarkas


    TCCHS General

    Student Body President: Dulce Aleman


    Class of 2020~Senior Class

                Class President: Karolyn Raj

    Sponsors: Ms. Kice

    Administrator: Mrs. Psarovarkas


    Class of 2021~Jounior Class

    Class President: Noah Meah 

    Sponsor: Ms. Maulding

    Administrator: Mr. McDonald


    Class of 2022~Sophmore Class

    Sponsors:  Mrs. Isom           

    Administrator: Mrs. Stenger


    Anime Club

    The purpose of this organization is to educate its members about the roots and history of anime and manga, and to further the member's knowledge of Japanese Culture.

    Meetings: Every Tuesday from 2:30pm-3:30pm in 1602

    Sponsor: Mr. Rodriguez

    Cartoon Club


    The Purpose of this Club is to provide a place to offer regular showing of classic and nostalgic cartoons for students.  The club will also strive to increase awareness, enjoyment and appreciation of these memorable examples of cartoon artwork.  The club will host cartoon appreciation discussions and study the different styles and history of the art form.

    Meetings: Every Friday from 2:30pm-3:30pm in room 1600

    Sponsor: Mr. Soares

    C.I.T.Y – Christians in the Youth

    CITY is a student led faith organization made to give kids a place to go to build friendships, grow in faith, and become better students. Students can come hear a positive message and get to know others with a common ideal. CITY is open to all students, and led by students of all backgrounds and denominations. Come and join us for worship and snacks as we grow together.

    Meetings: Teaching Theater, 6:45am-7:15am

    • CITY Gatherings every other Thursday
    • CITY Member meeting every other Tuesday            

    Sponsors: Mr. D. Riggs                                                         

    Cyber Club

    To give students hands-on opportunities and discussions relating to Information Technology, networking, and cyber security.

    Meetings: Twice a month in room 2524

    Sponsor: Mr. Sudduth and Mrs. Martin

    Dance Club

    Dance Club is an organization that allows it members to experience the wonder of dance and the joy of performing. Students are exposed to different styles of dance from ballet to theater, modern, hip-hop, tap and jazz. They learn to see dance as an art, a way of expression.

    Meetings: Every Friday from 6:45am-7:15am in the gym

    Sponsor: Mrs. Sisung, Mrs. Cummins and Mrs. Davis



    The main purpose of this club is to provide a unique educational experience for students, immersing them into learning law, experiencing culture, tour museums and monumental sights.

    2020 – Japan

    2021 – France, Germany and the Alps

    Sponsor: Mrs. Psarovarkas and Mrs. Kice


    • Parent Information meetings: After TCCHS Parent Nights
    • Student Traveler Meetings:
    • September
    • December
    • March
    • May


    Gay/Straight Alliance

    The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and work to end homophobia and transphobia.

    GSAs Provide Support Many GSAs function as a support group and provide safety and confidentiality to students who are struggling with their identity as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or questioning or those who are experiencing harassment at school because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. These groups often provide one of the few safe spaces for students to express themselves.

    GSAs Build Community GSAs are also social groups. They provide a sense of community and a space for LGBTQ and straight ally youth to build a social network where their identity is respected. Many GSAs organize barbeques or movie nights, organize field trips to a local LGBT prom or an LGBT pride parade, and attend conferences together. GSAs are a great way to build community at your school and lessen the isolation that LGBTQ students might otherwise experience.

    GSAs Take Action to Create Change In addition to support, some GSAs work on educating themselves and the broader school community about sexual orientation and gender identity issues. They may bring in outside speakers to cover a particular topic such as LGBTQ history. They may organize a "Pride Week" or "LGBTQ Awareness Events" and offer a series of educational workshops, panels, and pride celebrations. Some GSAs organize a "Teach the Teachers" staff development day, which focuses on teaching school staff how to be better allies for LGBTQ students.

    Meetings: Room 1607

    • Information Meeting: August 25, 2018
    • Rejecting Homophobia: September 8, 2018
    • Identity Affirmation: October 13, 2018
    • Group Project: November 10, 2018
    • New Year Contracts: January 12, 2019


    Sponsor: Mr. Villalpando




    "Interact" is Rotary International’s service club for young people ages 12 to 18. Interact clubs are sponsored by individual Rotary clubs, which provide support and guidance, but they are self-governing and self-supporting. TCCHS Interact club is sponsored by the Pearland Rotary Club. Members of "Interact" have the opportunity to volunteer locally and nationally. Any student is eligible to join. Dues are $5.00.


    Meetings: Room 1651, date/time TBD

    Sponsor:  TBA

    K-Pop Club

    Our goal for K-Pop is to allow members to become familiar and enjoy the sounds of South Korean pop music. Styles include dance pop, hip-hop, R & B and more.

    Meetings: Every Tuesday from 2:30pm-3:30pm, room 1646

    Sponsor: Ms. Drey


    Music Club

    It is the mission of the Music Club to provide every member with the opportunity to learn and develop a deeper understanding of music through performances, listening, and activities.

    Meetings: Every Tuesday from 2:30pm - 3:30pm in room 1622.

    Sponsor: Ms. Castro 

    Parent Teacher Association Liaison

    PTA's mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Hutchins

    Puzzle Club

    The purpose of puzzle club is to provide a quiet and safe place for students to enjoy solving puzzles.

    Meetings: Every Fridays from 2:30-4:00pm 

    Sponsor: Mrs. Frakes

    Recycling Club

    The purpose of the recycling club is to reduce paper and cardboard waste at Turner College and Career High School.  The club will provide recycling boxes for staff member that want to participate in the recycling program. Club members will then pick up the recycling on a weekly bases, sort the recyclable material and prepare it for transport to the local recycling center.

    Meetings: Every Wednesday from 2:30pm -3:15pm in room 1642

    Sponsor: Mrs. Wehman


    Pearadox is a robotics team that annually competes in FRC competitions.  Team 5414 is a group of three rival high schools that come together to create one cohesive robotics team. This team is sponsored by the district and reaches out to other schools and robotics teams.  Our members have opportunities to earn internships and scholarships.


    • Monday- Wednesday 5pm-9pm, Friday 3pm-9pm
    • Saturday 9am-6pm     

    Sponsor: Mr. Myers, Mr. Lacour-Roy; Mr. Bailey (DHS); Mr. Dyer (PHS)                 

    Suicide Prevention Task Force

    Our mission is to have students promote suicide prevention resources, and raise mental health awareness.


    • Bi Weekly meetings starting, August 31, 2018 in Room 1597

    Sponsor: Mrs. Grey and Mrs. McDavid

    Step Club

    The main purpose of this club is to allow students to participate in rhythmic and cultural stepping as a form of expression and a performing art.

    Meetings: Every Friday from 2:30pm-3:30pm

    Sponsor: Mr. Lacour-Roy and Mrs. Solano

    Student Council/Student Government 

    Student Council teaches leadership skills and encourages school and community pride. Participation in Student Council also develops good citizenship and patriotism, encourages the involvement in school activities, helps promote school pride and creates a spirit of cooperation between students, faculty and community. http://www.tasconline.org

    Meetings: General meetings are the 1st Monday of the month in the Teaching Theatre

    Sponsor:  Mr. Hoffman and Mrs. Schutter

    Teen Authors Gathering (TAG)- Writing Club

    Members engage in writing activities and participate in group sharing and revision.

    Meetings: Every Monday from 2:30pm -3:30pm in the library                     

    Sponsor: Mrs. Castro  



    Members learn how to play the game.

    Meetings: Monday and Thursday 2:30-330

    Sponsor: Mr. Soares


    Academic Organizations


    Academic Decathlon

    Academic Decathlon is the premiere national academic competition.  Students study seven subject areas and compete by taking objective multiple-choice tests in each: language and literature, science, social science, art, music, math, and economics mostly based on a centralized theme.  In addition, students will write essays, give speeches, and interview for the subjective portion of the competition. Participation is impressive on college applications and helpful in all collegiate disciplines since the nature of the program is incredibly academic and competitive covering multiple subject areas simultaneously. Any student who likes learning and competition is welcome to join.

    Sponsor:  Ms. Hutchins, Mr. Schutter, and Ms. Mora


    Debate and Speech

    Debate and Speech helps students develop skills in persuasive speaking and the art of making a strong argument over a wide variety of topics. It also exposes these young people to and gives them a better understanding of prose, poetry and drama. It offers a wide variety of competitive events, and helps students develop socially and cognitively. Our team attends Texas Forensic Association (TFA) competitions, National Forensic League (NFL) competitions, in addition to competing in UIL Academic events. Students that advance in UIL Academic events might possibly have the opportunity to qualify for scholarships given by the UIL. There are no guarantees that a student will receive any of the UIL scholarships, but it is an opportunity and/or possibility that they might not otherwise have had. In addition, student participation in Forensics and Debate is a confidence-builder that is a tangible asset for any young person, as well as being a strong addition for their college application. Any student is eligible to participate whether or not he or she has previously had speaking and/or acting experience.

    Meetings: Every Thursday at 3pm in room 1623C

    Sponsor: Mrs. Cage


    SAT Ambassadors

    Our mission is to have students come together to encourage each other as they prepare for the PSAT/SAT.

    Meetings: Room 1597 

    Sponsor: Ms. Grey

    Honor Societies

    National Art Honor Society

    The National Art Honor Society was established in 1978 in the United States by the National Art Education Association for high school students grades 9-12 from the National Art Honor Society. Its purpose is to assist student members to attain their highest potential in all forms of art, and to raise awareness of art education throughout the school and community. Member students are eligible to apply to the Charles M. Robertson Memorial Scholarship, a special four-year scholarship to the Pratt Institute's School of Art and Design in New York. Members and their school art program are eligible for several awards and grant programs, encouraged to submit articles and artwork for publication in the NAHS News, published twice a year and is received by students as well as sponsors. Students and their sponsors can attend the group's annual convention and receive professional publications for inclusion into the school's resource library.

    Meetings: All meeting held in room 1607             

    Sponsor: Mr. Villalpando


    National Honor Society    

    The National Honor Society chapter of Turner College and Career High School is a duly chartered and affiliated chapter of this prestigious national organization. Membership is open to those students who meet the required standards in four areas of evaluation: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Standards for selection are established by the nation office of NHS and have been revised to meet our local chapter needs. Students are selected to be members by a 5-member Faculty Council, appointed by the principal, which bestows this honor upon qualified students on behalf of the faculty of our school each November.

    Students in the 10th, 11th and 12th grades are eligible for membership. For the scholarship criterion, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better and be in the top 15% of his/her graduating class. Those students who meet this criterion are invited to complete a Student Activity Information Form that provides the Faculty Council with information regarding the candidate’s leadership, service, and character. A history of leadership experiences and participation in school or community service is also required. Students must provide the signature of a supervising adult to verify leadership and participation in school or community service. To evaluate a candidate’s character, school disciplinary records are reviewed.

    The Student Activity Information Forms will be checked for missing signatures by the Officers.

    Any Student Activity Information Forms that are found to have missing signatures will be returned to the student. The student will be given one week to obtain the signatures. The Student Activity Information Forms are reviewed by the Faculty Council to determine membership. A majority vote of the Council is necessary for selection. Candidates are notified regarding selection or non-selection according to a predetermined scheduled.

    Following notification, a formal induction ceremony is held at the school to recognize all the newly selected members. Once inducted, new members are required to maintain the same level of performance (or better) in all four criteria that led to their selection. This obligation includes regular attendance at chapter meetings held monthly during the school year, participation in the chapter service project(s), and participation in one chapter fundraiser per year. Dues for the Turner College and Career High School chapter of NHS are $15 per year. Students or parents who have questions regarding the selection process or membership obligations can contact the chapter advisers.

    NHS Honor Cords

    In accordance with the bylaws, students may be eligible to wear blue and gold cords at graduation. Service honor cord requirements are based on the grade level when the member was inducted, and are as follows:


    Year Inducted

    Cord Hours Required

    Sophomore Year


    Junior Year


    Senior Year



    Also, members in good standing may wear the NHS collar at graduation.


    Sponsors: Mr. Talhti and Mrs. Hunt


    National Technical Honor Society

    The mission of the NTHS is to honor student achievement and leadership, promote educational excellence, and enhance career opportunities for students who excel in Career and Technical Education Classes. NTHS’s Vision is to be the leader in providing recognition for excellence in career and technical education and creating significant occupational opportunities for America's top workforce education students. Students are invited based on achievement and enrollment requirements in Career and Technical Education classes, grade averages in CTE classes, teacher recommendations, and overall grade point average. https://nths.org/

    NTHS Honor Cords

    In accordance with the bylaws, students may be eligible to wear silver and purple cords at graduation.

    Meetings: TBA

     Sponsors: Ms. Von Ruff


    Science National Honor Society (SNHS)

    SNHS serves to recognize students who have excelled in their science academics, and encourage further exploration in the sciences through guest lecturers, open discussions, and common scientific interests. SNHS also requires community service projects and scientific community education projects. Students inducted into SNHS have met the following criteria:

    • Junior or senior
    • 3.3/4.0 in all classes
    • To qualify, a member must be enrolled in at least one honors or upper level science class (PAP Biology, PAP Chemistry, PAP Physics, A&P H) during or prior to the eleventh grade year.
    • To maintain membership, a member must be enrolled in at least one second-year honors or upper level science (AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics) during or prior to the twelfth grade year.
    • All members must attend one officers’ lecture.
    • http://www.sciencenhs.org/


    SNHS Honor Cords

    In accordance with the bylaws, students may be eligible to wear purple and gold cords at graduation.

    Sponsor: Ms. List-Grace


    Spanish Honor Society

    The purpose of the Spanish Honor Society is to promote the study of Spanish and an appreciation for the Hispanic culture. It honors student achievement in Spanish and promotes the Spanish language.


    Students are invited based on Spanish grade average and overall average.


    SNHS Honor Cords

    In accordance with the bylaws, students may be eligible to wear red and gold cords at graduation.

    Meetings: Room 2513

    • Officer Meetings 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 2:30pm-3:30pm
    • General Meetings 1st and 3rd Thursdays from 2:30pm-3:30pm


    Sponsor: Mrs. Cortez

    CTE Organizations


    ACE Mentorship

    ACE is an after school program that introduces you to careers in architecture, construction management, engineering and other disciplines. As a participant, you will join a team of other students led by adult mentors who are practicing industry professionals. ACE is not about merely describing specific professions; it is about immersing you in the profession by engaging you in actual building projects. These can range from new schools and mixed-use developments to amphitheaters and temporary housing for movie stars on location. You will visit professional offices, job sites and other relevant locations. You will discuss the same issues, and perform the same tasks, as if you worked in the industry. ACE gives you a practical hands-on view of how abstract concepts are transformed into the buildings that make up our everyday reality.

    Website: http://www.acementor.org/

    Twitter: ACEMentor

    Facebook: ACE-Mentor-Program

    Meetings: Every Thursday from 4:30pm-6:30pm October through April

    Sponsor: Mrs. Wilson


    Business Professional of America (BPA)

    BPA gives you a path to success as well as the abilities to organize, lead and make decisions.  In addition, you learn valuable work ethics and leadership skills. Being in BPA you can go to competitions, participate in leadership and community service projects, and meet people with the same interest from around the district, state, nation and internationally.   Any current or previous student of Career Preparation (Co-op), Business or Marketing classes including Entrepreneurship is eligible to join.

    Meetings: Second and Fourth Monday of the month from 2:30pm-3:30pm in room 2539.

    Sponsors: TBA


    National FFA Organization

    The letters "FFA" stand for Future Farmers of America; however, in 1988 the official name of the organization was changed from "Future Farmers of America" to "The National FFA Organization" to reflect the growing diversity of agriculture. "Future Farmers of America" was founded by a group of young farmers back in 1928. Their mission was to prepare future generations for the challenges of feeding a growing population. They taught us that agriculture is more than planting and harvesting-- it's a science, it's a business and it's an art. FFA continues to help the next generation rise up to meet those challenges by helping its members to develop their own unique talents and explore their interests in a broad range of career pathways. So today, we are still the Future Farmers of America. But, we are the Future Biologists, Future Chemists, Future Veterinarians, Future Engineers and Future Entrepreneurs of America, too. FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.  FFA is about learning and developing the leadership skills that you will need for the future. Pearland FFA currently has 200+ members and The National FFA Organization is the largest youth organization in the United States. http://www.ffa.org


    Pearland FFA opportunities for high school students:

      • Leadership Development Events (LDEs) – August to December
      • Career Development Events (CDEs) – January to May
      • Supervised Agriculture Experience Program (SAEP) – Animal Project or Job Placement
      • Speaking Contests – January – May
      • FFA Awards & Scholarships

    TCCHS Sponsors: Mr. Morgan, Mrs. Morgan, Ms. Campise, and Ms. Brending

    Health Occupation Students of America­ (HOSA)

    HOSA is a club for any student interested in a career in health care. HOSA is open to grades 9 – 12. The club meets twice a month after school. In HOSA students have opportunities to participate in community service projects, competitions and leadership conferences. Students who sign up for HOSA will be required to compete at the Area Level.

    Meetings: Every other Tuesday from 2:30pm - 3:30pm in the teaching theatre.

    Sponsors: Mrs. Wonders, Mrs. Jackson Mrs. Garcia, Ms. Farmer, and Mrs., Norris.


    Skills USA

    Skills USA is a vocational student organization that is internationally recognized. Skills USA gives students a head start in developing valuable professional skills such as communications, interpersonal abilities, time management, teamwork and more. Skills USA activities develop positive attitudes, build self-esteem and empower students to excel. Because Skills USA works hand-in-hand with business and industry, students get the skills employers want. Skills USA is open to any student who has or has had Auto Technology, Criminal Justice, Computer Maintenance / Telecommunications, Industrial co-op, and Construction classes.   Click this link  Skills USA

    Website: www.skillsusatx.org

    Twitter: SkillsUSATexas

    Facebook: SkillsUSA Texas

    Meetings: Every Monday from 2:40 to 3:20 pm September - May

    Sponsors: Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Sudduth

    Fine Arts Organizations


    Art Club

    Art Club consists of a group of young, aspiring, artists who motivate others to show off their creative side. Art Club allows students to grow in their art as well as join others who share the love of expressing themselves. Students do not have to be in an art class to join Art Club.

    Art Club members work on several projects each year including celebrating Youth Art Month and painting the annual mural for the school. Different creative activities are explored every week. Come and have some creative fun!  

    Meetings: Mondays from 2:30pm to 3:30pm in Room 1607

    Sponsor: Mr. Villipando


    The Pride

    The Pride is the student-produced yearbook for Turner College and Career High School. Yearbook provides involvement in school activities, team membership, and social activities. Students also develop writing, interviewing techniques, computer and networking skills.

    Meeting: The organization meets during the day as a scheduled class.

    Sponsor:   Mrs. Maulding and Ms. Shull


    TCCHS Mascot: Robbie the Railcat

    Our Railcat mascots are goodwill ambassadors and always strive to improve the image and school spirit of Turner College and Career High School.  They participate in a variety of events throughout the school year performing at pep rallies, parent nights, freshman orientation and registration, and various other activities as requested. Robbie the Railcat is a varsity level club and active members of the club have the opportunity to earn a varsity letter.  Each member is expected to make academics a priority and being able to participate at events is conditional upon maintaining strong academics. The club provides opportunities for students to be involved, have fun, and develop social friendships, team-building skills, and leadership.

    Meetings: Room 1597

    Sponsor: Mrs. Grey                          



    Student-led clubs and organizations are approved annually by 9/15.  Students should find an adult sponsor and the sponsor submits a constitution for approval by 9/15 annually.  Duplicate clubs are not approved.  Clubs change from year to year and student interest or staff availability may dictate that a club is not offered every year.
    Other organizations will be added to the list and all contact details will be added as approved. 
    If a club name is in blue then it is a link to the club web page.