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Grants in Action

Carleston Students

Students at Carleston Elementary gain life-long learning skills through interactive board games. Funded by the Pearland ISD Education Foundation, students work on hand and eye coordination, verbal communication and problem-solving.

Silvercrest Legos Students

Through Jennifer Thornton's "Built for a Challenge" grant, students build, create, and problem solve with LEGOS Robotics Kits. This grant-winning project provides hands-on experience, integrating technology with science, math and reading.

Lawhon Students Excercising

Inspired by the latest trends in fitness and health, Coach Jaramillo at Lawhon Elementary implemented an 18-station circuit training program for her students. With modifications and direction, every student is able to participate. The Foundation funded 100% of the equipment, which includes resistance bands, jump ropes, sandbells, and warrior ropes.

Challenger Students on Computer

At Challenger Elementary, Nancy Everts (district technology specialist) implemented an instructional keyboarding program, available to all students through the computer lab

Carleston Elementary Accordionist

During the 2014-15 school year, four grants were awarded to innovative music projects. Foundation grants were used to fund musical instruments, classroom lessons, and special concert performances