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Class of 2023 SAT scores surpass state average

SAT Scores Class of 2023

The College Board recently released the 2023 SAT scores and Pearland Independent School District’s 2023 senior class surpassed the state’s SAT average by 156 points.

A total of 1,065 recent graduates took the SAT during high school and scored an average of 572 points in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW) and 562 points in Math for an overall average score of 1134.

Pearland ISD students continue to boast a trend of exceeding state and global average scores by an ever-increasing amount in critical reading, math and writing.

Additionally, every subpopulation of Pearland ISD students scored an average total score that exceeded the state average of 978 and almost every subpopulation scored above the global average of 1028. In most cases, the difference was significant.

Pearland ISD’s gains continue to impress as an increase in SAT takers over the last ten years -- from 765 to 1,065 students.

According to Director of Advanced Academics, Dr. Joseph Cahill, there are several key aspects that contribute to these achievements, including:

  • PSAT available to all 10th-11th grade students during the school day
  • Elective SAT prep classes led by trained staff members
  • SAT skills and strategies embedded throughout Pearland ISD advanced curriculum and classes
  • Increased dual-credit enrollment
  • Equitable access to PAP and AP class options beginning in 5th grade
  • Growth in PAP and AP enrollment

“Our staff and students dedicated efforts to continued improvement and growth are evident in their results,” Dr. Cahill said.

 The result of this focus? Pearland ISD’s average combined reading and math SAT score is 1134 -- above the 1010 college readiness mark. The district average has increased 89 points in ten years.

 “College readiness continues to be a focus of Advanced Academics and Pearland ISD leadership. A shared vision allows students to focus on skill development within an established framework for success. Our staff is remarkable and our students will continue to grow while demonstrating college readiness throughout our school district,” Cahill said.


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