• Jim Crow Typed Essay Outline

    Use your knowledge gained from the previous Jim Crow Webquest activities to draft an essay on Jim Crow Laws. Follow the questions below to create an organized, complete essay.


    Paragraph 1 - Introduction

    • What were the Jim Crow Laws (generally speaking)?
    • What are some examples of norms and laws that were exceptionally outrageous or bizarre?

    o   Explain why you think so

    • What impact did these laws have on Americans?


    Paragraph 2 – Personal narrative (Support with example)

    Use your personal narrative to explain how these laws affected your person during this time

    • Who was your narrative about?
    • Where/when did they live? (If the story took place in more than one place, explain)
    • What did they do in the story?
    • How did Jim Crow Laws/segregation affect them?


    Paragraph 3 – Concluding thoughts

    • What are your thoughts on this time period of American life?
    • How might these norms/laws make it harder for an individual to achieve their American dream?
    • Are there similar conditions in America today? Explain.