• Welcome to Choir and General Music!

    Hello! We are your student's choir/music directors! Mr. Short and I are very excited to work with the 5th grade music and 6th grade choir students this year! General music is a class taken by all 5th grade students in which we teach each student about various music topics such as music history, music theory, types of instruments, singing techniques, and much more!
    The choir program at Jamison is a highly successful, award-winning group of young singers that learn different music throughout the year and participate in various performances.

    Choir and General Music Schedule
    1st Period: Choir, 8:40-9:30
    2nd Period: Choir, 9:30-10:20
    3rd Period: Choir, 10:20-11:10
    4th Period: Conference, 11:10-12:00
    5th Period: Lunch, 12:00-12:30
    6th Period: General Music, 12:30-1:20
    7th Period: General Music, 1:20-2:10
    8th Period: General Music, 2:10-3:00
    9th Period: General Music, 3:00-3:50

  • Mr. Short
    Ms. Hinski
    Ext. 72798

    Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 10AM - 12PM

  • You will find all assignments and activities under the Distance Learning Tab and can be done by students if they wish to do so.