GT Staff Development

  • The Texas Education Agency requires all teachers of gifted students to receive a minimum 30-hour GT Awareness Certificate before their first gifted teaching assignment.

    In Pearland ISD, all teachers are encouraged to obtain the basic 30-hour GT Awareness Certificate. This includes six hours of each of the following topics:

    • Nature and Needs of Gifted Learners
    • Identification and Assessment of Gifted
    • Differentiated Curriculum for the Gifted
    • Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted
    • Creativity

Summer Staff Development

  • Staff development needed for the 30-hour GT Awareness Certificate is conducted each summer in Pearland at no charge to Pearland ISD employees and district student teachers/interns. For the staff development schedule, contact Margo Gigee or Lupe Silva or call Advanced Academics at 281-485-3203.

Three-Level Training

  • In Pearland ISD, a three-level training plan gives GT teachers the chance to develop expertise in their field. Opportunities to obtain credit in all three levels will be offered annually. Teachers from other school districts may contact Margo Gigee or Lupe Silva to make arrangements to attend trainings for a small fee.


  • Teachers may receive GT credit for attending a conference if before the conference they send a copy of the course description and conference title to Advanced Academics. After attending the conference, teachers must send a copy of the certificate of attendance to Advanced Academics.

Campus Staff Development

  • Campus staff development may count for GT credit if before the staff development an agreement has been made between the campus administrator and the Advanced Academics grade-level specialist. After completing the training, send a copy of the sign-in sheet, course agenda and presentation to Advanced Academics.

    Note: Participation in curriculum development, vertical alignment or lesson planning will NOT receive GT credit hours.

Out-of-District Staff Development

  • Out-of-district staff development options are listed in the Pearland ISD "S" drive > Advanced Academics > Staff Development. For questions, contact Advanced Academics at 281-485-3203.