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    McGrawHill and  StudySync

    Login: McGrawHill/ StudySync 


    Content Covered:  Science, Social Studies, English, CTE

    • Accounting I
    • Aquatic Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Integrated Physics & Chemistry (IPC)
    • English Language Arts (6-12)
    • Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness
    • Physics
    • Social Studies Grades 5 - 11
    • Economics
    • Psychology
    • Sociology

    Savvas Realize  and Easybridge

    Login: Savvas (formerly Pearson)

    Content Covered: Social Studies, High School Math, Spanish, CTE

    • Audio/Video Production 1
    • Principles of Arts, Audio and Video Technology and Communication
    • Government
    • Social Studies Grades K - 4
    • Spanish Level 1 Grades 5 - 8
    • Spanish Levels 1-4
    • Statistics
    • Livestock Production
    • Principles of Information Technology
    • Forensic Science

     Ed Your Friend in Learning by HMH

    Login:  Ed Your Friend in Learning by HMH

    Content Covered: English

    • English Language Arts K-5
    • ELA K-2 (Spanish)


    Login:  HMH Textbooks (HRW)


    Content Covered: Math, Science

    • Math Grades 6 - 8
    • Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Algebra 2
    • Science (Environmental Systems)


    Login: HMH Textbooks (ThinkCentral)


    Content Covered: Math, Science

    • Math Grades K - 5
    • Science Grades K - 2 and Grades 7 - 8

    Vista Higher Learning

    Login: Vista Higher Learning (Using Clever)

    Content Covered:

    • AP Spanish 4
    • French Grades 9-12


    Login: HMH PDF Textbooks

    Electronic PDF Textbooks:
    You can now download electronic PDF copies of the textbooks below for HMH!

    • Algebra 1
    • Algebra 2
    • Geometry

    Cosenza and Associates

    Login: C and A PDF Textbooks 

    Electronic PDF Textbooks:
    You can now download electronic PDF copies of the textbooks below for Cosenza and Associates!

    • Algebraic Reasoning Grades 10-11


    Login:  STEMScopes

    Content Covered:

    • Science Grades 3 - 6


    Login: Edgenuity


    Content Covered:

    • Credit Recovery
    • MyPath for Junior High School

    Quaver Music

    Login: Quaver Music


    Content Covered:

    • Music Grades K - 5

      Imagine Learning

    Login: Imagine Math Facts


    Content Covered:

    • Math for Title I Schools Only
    • Grades K-4

       Dreambox Math

        Login: Dreambox 

    Content Covered:

    • Math Grades K-2





     ST Math

       ST Math

    Content Covered:

    • Math Grades 3-4

       CLI Engage

       CLI Engage


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