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Hello Challenger Family!  READ ME - There is FREE POPCORN involved!

Challenger PTA has a mission. Our mission is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. We try to meet this mission in three main ways. First, community building and family engagement/education through communications and events that we host outside of the school day. Second, to offer help in the classroom through programs like STEP and support for school events. Third, to offer encouragement and rewards for both students and staff in many ways throughout the year.

PTA is open to all. If you support our mission, any piece of it, we urge you to join us. If you care about ensuring that every child has a voice, your voice, we urge you to join us. Our goal is to have a member for every child in our school so that we can recognize the goal of at least one voice for every child. Join us and make use of our events. Join us and give us feedback on how to do better. Join us and volunteer to help do amazing things for our kids and school community. Whether you are available on a regular basis or just want to show up and have someone else tell you what to do for an hour, this is the place for you. many hands make light work and when it comes to the wonderful things we have planned, it will take all of us to make it happen. We will present more information on how you can volunteer at our "Volunteering Virtual Coffee Breaks" which will take place from 9:00am - 9:30am on BOTH Friday, September 10th AND Wednesday, September 15th. Pick ONE and join us with your coffee, snack, and no obligation to dress up!

Finally, if what we have told you above doesn't sway you, then join us for the popcorn. Our first 100 members this school get a bag of Deanan popcorn as our way of saying Thank You. Dues are $10 for each individual membership. The PTA website ( will charge you a flat $1.50 for utilizing your credit card. You can put in up to 6 members under one transaction. If you prefer to join with cash or check, you can do so at the Back-to-School Picnic or send an envelope with each member's name, phone, email, child's name & their teacher's name included with your payment. Our Thank You popcorn will be available during the picnic to those who signed up online and have not received yours yet. Come by and get you some! We hope to hear from each and every one of you soon.

To join, return a completed membership form and dues to the school in your child's folder.  The membership form is attached for your convenience. (click here)


Thank you for your support.