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District celebrates teacher, employee honorees

Pearland Independent School District proudly celebrated its 2022-23 campus teachers, paraprofessional award winners, employees with 20+ years of service, retirees, principals and employees of the year on Friday, April 29, during the Pearland ISD Star Awards. At the event, the district elementary and secondary teacher award winners were also announced.

Each year the district honors outstanding teachers, administrators and staff who go above and beyond to inspire students and create a supportive educational environment.


2023 Pearland ISD Elementary Teacher of the Year

Elan Lam - Rustic Oak Elementary


2023 Pearland ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year

Kyla Mora - Turner College and Career High School


Elementary Glenda Dawson First-Year Teacher of the Year

Sadie Orlando - Shadycrest Elementary


Secondary Glenda Dawson First-Year Teacher of the Year

Hector Garza - PACE Center


Principals of the Year

Michelle Kiefer - Shadycrest Elementary

Tony Barcelona - Berry Miller Junior High


Campus Teachers of the Year

Claudia Nolasco - Carleston Elementary

Tiffany Steele - Challenger Elementary

Michelle Harrod - Cockrell Elementary

Allison Taylor - Harris Elementary

Mary Paez - Lawhon Elementary

Kimberly Butler - Magnolia Elementary

Angela Kelley - Massey Ranch Elementary

Elan Lam - Rustic Oak Elementary

Shelly Chiappetta - Shadycrest Elementary

Stephanie Williams - Silvercrest Elementary

Meghan Pavone - Silverlake Elementary

Jennifer Paynic - Alexander Middle School

Kady Deaton - Jamison Middle School

Lori Jordan - Rogers Middle School

Sharon Whitener - Sablatura Middle School

Cassandra Shuptar - Berry Miller Junior High

Hope Menard - Pearland Junior High East

Melissa Swannie - Pearland Junior High South

Andie Mashman - Pearland Junior High West

Coral Rhodes - Dawson High School

O. Lydia Longoria - PACE Center

Chaveli Solis - Pearland High School

Kyla Mora - Turner College & Career High School


Glenda Dawson Campus First-Year Teachers

Kelli Platt - Challenger Elementary

Tya Ann Beltran - Cockrell Elementary

Kayla Sanchez - Harris Elementary

Yareli Quezada - Lawhon Elementary

Samantha Hinds - Magnolia Elementary

Rebecca Llenos - Massey Ranch Elementary

Amy Smith - Rustic Oak Elementary

Sadie Orlando - Shadycrest Elementary

Jonida Martin - Silvercrest Elementary

Abby Marrelli - Alexander Middle School

Kelsey McGown - Rogers Middle School

Gray Curtis - Pearland Junior High East

Melissa Laudig - Pearland Junior High South

Sam Karnya - Pearland Junior High West

Collin Gray - Dawson High School

Hector Garza - PACE Center

Guillermo Jimenez - Pearland High School


Bilingual/ESL Teachers of the Year

Claudia Delloma - Cockrell Elementary

Maria Katrina Lucasan - Rogers Middle School

Karen Spooner - Pearland Junior High West


Paraprofessionals of the Year

Julianna Fort - Carleston Elementary

Mandi Marshall - Challenger Elementary

Lorraine Wilson - Cockrell Elementary

Hilda McCormack - Harris Elementary

Emilia Salas - Lawhon Elementary

Shannan De La Fuente - Magnolia Elementary

Wayne Webb - Massey Ranch Elementary

Christopher Perdue - Rustic Oak Elementary

Tamara Maddux - Shadycrest Elementary

Gisselle Norio - Silvercrest Elementary

Julie Venske - Silverlake Elementary

Tina Estlinbaum - Alexander Middle School

Rudi Cantu-Torres - Jamison Middle School

Nicole Migues Romero - Rogers Middle School

Alicia Garza - Sablatura Middle School

Brenna Igo - Berry Miller Junior High

Sarah Bogard - Pearland Junior High East

Claudia Camarillo - Pearland Junior High South

Tanya Roblyer - Pearland Junior High West

Helen Norwood - Dawson High School

Sylvia Ochoa - PACE Center

Sharie Maddux - Pearland High School

Cheryl Lakey Evans - Turner College & Career High School


Employees of the Year

Irma Vazquez - Food Service

Dennis Martin - Maintenance

Daniel Linares Guerra - Operations

Laura DeWeese - Transportation

Exie Rosas – ESC