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Notes from the Attendance Office

Important Absence Note Reminders

Always remember to send in a note within 3 days after your child returns from an absence and include ALL of the following information:

  1. Student’s first and last legal name;
  2. Specific dates of the absence;
  3. Specific reason for the absence; and
  4. Parent signature.

If a doctor’s note is submitted, please make sure that it covers ALL days of the absence. If not, please send an accompanying parent note with the above listed information.


90 % Rule

It is that time of year when absences start to accumulate.  Students are required to attend class 90% of the time it is offered to be able to receive credit and be promoted to the next grade level.  All absences, regardless of excused or unexcused, including leaving early and coming in late, count towards the 90% rule.  Pearland ISD is in session 177 days.  This means a student cannot be absent more than 18 days or parts of days.  When a student has missed 15 days, a letter is sent home informing the parent.



Change of Address

If you move, please provide your updated residency information which includes, deed or lease, current utility bill and driver’s license with the correct address. Thanks for helping us keep your information up to date.