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DHS and Rogers students bound for Future Problem Solving International

Rogers FPS       Dawson High School and Rogers Middle School will represent Pearland Independent School District at the 2021 Future Problem Solving Program International Conference to be held online this June. DHS took the gold in Community Problem Solving in the FPS Online State Bowl on April 18 and Sablatura and Rogers middle schools won second place in Junior Novice Team and Junior Team, respectively.

       Additionally, Berry Miller Junior High, Pearland Junior High East and Alexander Middle School also qualified and competed in the FPS State Bowl.

       The DHS and Rogers students advancing to the International level of the contest will compete against more than 2,200 students from around the globe, participating in problem-solving around this year’s theme, “Neurotechnology”.

       Students advancing to the international competition this year include. . . .

       Dawson High School

  • Senior Grand Champions in Community Problem Solving: Cordelia Li, Aruna Muthupillai, Allen Jiang, Bidisha Halder, Shaili Shouche, Michael Pasala, Jayden Lu, Jasmine Wong, Antonio Montes, Mihir Kalvakaalva
  • 2nd Place Senior Individual: Rishabh Dave
  • 4th Place Senior Team: Stephen Mao, Jorryn Li, Eddie Wang, Raina Zhang
  • 5th Place Senior Team: Allen Jiang, Aruna Muthupillai, Bidisha Halder, Shaili Shouche

       Rogers Middle School

  • 2nd Place Junior Team: Yichen Wang, Lany Jiang, Caroline Mao, Nishi Narayan

            Although not advancing to the international competition, the following students won top places at the State Bowl:

       Sablatura Middle School

  • 2nd Place Junior Novice Team: Elizabeth Kwan, Arianna Li, Emma Lu, Rexford Pan

       The FPS State Bowl topic this year was “Personalized Medicine”. In addition to developing a solid grasp of the topic, students used their research to predict future issues and solutions related to it.

       FPS coaches include DHS’s Angela Ruth, Rogers’ Lynda Ketterer and Laurie Wagner and Sablatura’s Cassandra Maldonado and David Serrano.

       FPS stimulates critical and creative thinking, problem solving and decision making skills while preparing students for leadership. Each year, thousands of students compete from the U.S., Australia, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Turkey and more, learning to work with others and designing positive futures.