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District announces teacher, employee honorees

       Pearland ISD proudly announces its 2021-22 campus teacher and paraprofessional award winners and principals and employees of the year.

       Each year the district honors outstanding teachers, administrators and staff who go above and beyond to inspire students and create a supportive educational environment.

       District elementary and secondary teacher award winners will be named at the employee service awards celebration on April 29.


Principals of the Year

Becky Morris, Challenger Elementary

Jason Frerking, Pearland Junior High South


Campus Teachers of the Year

Carlos Pineda, Carleston Elementary

Jennifer Hinojosa, Challenger Elementary

Carly Hernandez, Cockrell Elementary

Becki Schuck, Harris Elementary

Yvonne Garcia, Lawhon Elementary

Dale Nguyen, Magnolia Elementary

Hina Uddin, Massey Ranch Elementary

Jennifer Guthrie, Rustic Oak Elementary

Juliet Marie Allison, Shadycrest Elementary

Melynda Wood, Silvercrest Elementary

Jenna Berlanga, Silverlake Elementary

Marty Gibson, Alexander Middle School

Angelina Bouchard, Jamison Middle School

Christine Meador-Garcia, Rogers Middle School

Melissa Vera, Sablatura Middle School

Jill Laird, Berry Miller Junior High

Krystal Flores, Junior High East

Holly Hall, Junior High South

Valarie Kubos, Junior High West

Troy Myers, Dawson High School

Megan Pelc, Pearland High School

Kyla Mora, Turner College & Career High School

Tiffany Shelton, PACE Center


Campus Glenda Dawson First-Year Teachers

Rylee Deckard Figueroa, Carleston Elementary

Cheryl Behm, Cockrell Elementary

Angie Mendez, Lawhon Elementary

Tara Randall, Magnolia Elementary

Joseph Ray, Massey Ranch Elementary

Jacqueline Townsend, Rustic Oak Elementary

Kailey Waddell, Silverlake Elementary

Tyler Hensley, Alexander Middle School

Nicholas Bretzke, Jamison Middle School

Kristina Taylor, Rogers Middle School

Savannah Sheppard, Sablatura Middle School

Javier Cervantes-Tinajero, Pearland Junior High East

Aaron Koterwas, Pearland Junior High South

Morgan Taylor, Pearland Junior High West

Ryan Woods, Dawson High School

Sergio Medrano, Pearland High School


Paraprofessionals of the Year

Nohemi Cruz, Carleston Elementary

Kaylie Fogelman, Challenger Elementary

Frankie Zucha, Cockrell Elementary

Warren Burgess, Harris Elementary

Lisbeth Vega, Lawhon Elementary

Melissa Blythe, Magnolia Elementary

Shanna Harris, Massey Ranch Elementary

Karina Errasti, Rustic Oak Elementary

Sheila Glover, Shadycrest Elementary

Maritza Elizarraras, Silvercrest Elementary

Rebecca Treadway, Silverlake Elementary

Brittany Reed, Alexander Middle School

Colleen Sauter, Sam Jamison Middle School

Ana Garcia, Rogers Middle School

David Torres, Leon Sablatura Middle School

Annette Chapa, Berry Miller Junior High

Nicole Gunn, Pearland Junior High East

Kalan Estes, Pearland Junior High South

Cheryl Crocker, Pearland Junior High West

Viviana Guzman, Turner College & Career High School

Michelle Frissell, PACE Center

Amanda Ramirez, Glenda Dawson High School

Jessica Mora, Pearland High School


Employees of the Year

Olga Pochyniuk, Food Service          

Gina Dombrosky, ESC          

Dale "Rudy" Sandoval, Transportation

Noelia Cano, Operations

Benny Wheeler, Maintenance