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113 Pearland ISD students compete at TMSCA state meet

       Pearland Independent School District students did the math to rack up multiple successes at the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association (TMSCA) state competition on April 2 in San Antonio with a record number of 113 competing students.

       TMSCA is an intermediate-grades competition that prepares students for University Interscholastic League math and science events. TMSCA offers four test areas -- Number Sense, Calculator Applications, Math and Science.

       In February and March, Pearland ISD students participated in several qualifying meets, advancing to state based on pre-set qualifying scores. At the state competition, the top 20 students and top six teams in each subject area win awards.

       Pearland ISD was represented at the TMSCA state competition by students from Pearland Junior High West and Sablatura Middle School, who secured the bronze in sweepstakes, as well as Pearland Junior High South and Rogers Middle School.

       At state, students winning first-10th place received trophies, and students in 11th-20th place received medals.
       Pearland ISD awards in the 6A division include. . . .


       PJHW/Sablatura: 3rd place in sweepstakes, 3rd place in Science, 4th place in Math, 7th place in Number Sense and 8th place in Calculator Applications.


       PJH West

  • Justin Braden: 1st in Science
  • Alan Yao: 1st in Math, 20th in Number Sense, 20th in Science
  • Caleb Ni: 5th in Science
  • Roy Wang: 8th in Science
  • Jerry Zhu: 11th in Math, 14th in Number Sense
  • Nuhan Hasan: 12th in Math 15th in Number Sense
  • Grae Paterson: 13th in Science
  • Shaotan Liu: 15th in Science
  • Josh Anino: 16th in Calculator Applications, 11th in Science
  • Tanishta Anbu: 17th in Science
  • Geoffrey Liu: 20th in Math
  • Efran Zhao: 20th in Math


  • Andrew Nguyen: 5th in Math, 9th in Number Sense
  • Haobo Shi: 6th in Calculator Applications
  • Ethan Chen: 7th in Math and 8th in Science
  • Sofia Castillo: 8th in Calculator Applications
  • Andrew Lu: 9th in Math, 15th in Number Sense,
  • Suya Yang: 12th in Math
  • Rexford Pan: 13th in Math
  • Leah Hong: 18th in Math
  • Emerson Li: 18th in Math
  • Sarah Jacob: 20th in Calculator Applications
  • Daniel Xi: 20th in Science


  • Caroline Mao: 19th in Number Sense

       Pearland ISD coaches included Jennifer Phillips from Rogers, Margaret Needler, Kasey Hart and Phuong Trinh from Sablatura, Ashlyn Beard from Pearland Junior High South, Jamie Williams and Susan Kovach from PJH West.