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District announces teacher, employee honorees

       Pearland ISD proudly announces its 2018-19 campus teacher and paraprofessional award winners and principals and employees of the year.

       Each year the district honors outstanding teachers, administrators and staff who go above and beyond to inspire students and create a supportive educational environment.

       District elementary and secondary teacher award winners will be named at the employee service awards celebration on May 3.


       Principals of the Year:

       Brad Hayes, Alexander Middle School

       Dr. Charles Allen, Pearland Junior High East


       Campus Teachers of the Year:

       Michelle Simmons, Carleston Elementary

       Monica Blackburn, Challenger Elementary

       Shelly Speer, Cockrell Elementary

       Jennifer Martinez, C.J. Harris Elementary

       Jennifer Ewing, Lawhon Elementary

       Vanessa Raymond, Magnolia Elementary

       Emily Orsak, Massey Ranch Elementary

       Julie Petri, Rustic Oak Elementary

       Carolyn Judge, Shadycrest Elementary

       Beth Boyes, Silvercrest Elementary

       Ashley Sandlin, Silverlake Elementary

       Shellie Motley, Alexander Middle School

       Lynn Odnovyun, Jamison Middle School

       Rakel Hill, Rogers Middle School

       Clare Cybak, Sablatura Middle School

       Brittany Boynton, Berry Miller Junior High

       Homie Rowe, Pearland Junior High East

       Rhonda Price, Pearland Junior High South

       Keri Duggan, Pearland Junior High West

       Ben Fowler, Dawson High School

       Angelica Millan, Pearland High School

       Caren Wonders, Turner College and Career High School

       Patricia De Leon, PACE Center


       Campus Glenda Dawson First-Year Teachers:

       Ashley Hopkins, Carleston Elementary

       Amber Price, Challenger Elementary

       Abigail Alonso, Cockrell Elementary

       Donald Linden III, Magnolia Elementary

       Carrie Shaw, Massey Ranch Elementary

       Jennifer Webb, Rustic Oak Elementary

       Malorie Gardner, Silvercrest Elementary

       Cynthia Galvan, Silverlake Elementary

       Eulalia Mejia, Jamison Middle School

       Melissa Valdez, Rogers Middle School

       Emily Clayton, Sablatura Middle School

       Dr. Lynda McKnight, Berry Miller Junior High

       Krystal Flores, Pearland Junior High East

       Tiffany Black, Pearland Junior High South

       Michael Lindquist, Dawson High School

       Tyler Basso, Pearland High School

       Kailey Cummins, Turner College and Career High School


       Paraprofessionals of the Year:

       Martha Rodriguez, Carleston Elementary

       Jacob Guel, Challenger Elementary

       Landy Moreno, Cockrell Elementary

       Wahkecia Colter, C.J. Harris Elementary

       Elsa Martinez, Lawhon Elementary

       Lisa Banda, Magnolia Elementary

       Wayne Webb, Jr., Massey Ranch Elementary

       Tara Randall, Rustic Oak Elementary

       Melonie Johnson, Shadycrest Elementary

       Maritza Elizarraras, Silvercrest Elementary

       Gerald Wilson, Silverlake Elementary

       Lexi Douglas, Alexander Middle School

       Michelle Murdock, Jamison Middle School

       Andrea Branch, Rogers Middle School

       Kimberley Sherman, Sablatura Middle School

       Helen Day, Berry Miller Junior High

       Cindy Kinsey, Pearland Junior High East

       Dana Bridges, Pearland Junior High South

       Tanya Robyler, Pearland Junior High West

       Connie Rodriguez, Dawson High School

       April Shecterle, Pearland High School

       Kelvin Hawkins, Turner College and Career High School

       Sylvia Ochoa, PACE Center


       Employees of the Year:

       Maria Gonzales, Education Support Center

       Maria Moncivais, Food Service

       Lee Pryor, Maintenance

       Gabina Martinez, Operations

       Tricia Anderson, Transportation