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Junior high and high school singers secure seats in all-region choirs

       Following an intense competition, 85 students from Pearland and Dawson high schools secured spots in the all-region choir during the Texas Music Educators Association Region 19 auditions on Oct. 7. Additionally, 79 students from all four Pearland junior high schools won places in the all-region junior high choir during auditions held the weekend of Oct. 19.

       In one of its most successful years yet, Pearland Independent School District secured an all-time record number of students in the HS Region Choir and the highest number of students from one district in the JH Region Choir.

       “I am absolutely thrilled at the quality of our choirs,” Tom Bell, Pearland ISD Director of Fine Arts, said. “They have improved tremendously over the past few years. It starts with great instruction from very talented and dedicated directors and ends with hard-working students pushing themselves to become a little better every day.”

       Participating in the auditions not only allows singers to qualify for the all-region choir but also empowers them with life-long skills.

       “Since this is an individual activity, all students become better musicians by going through the process, regardless if they make it or not. Beyond that, they learn how to work on a long-term project that concludes with them performing, by themselves, in front of their peers and judges. Time management and organizational skills, perseverance and grit are also developed by going through the region audition process,” Bell said.

       High school students who won spots in the all-region choir include:

       Dawson High School: McKenzie Bahr, Olivia Moeller, Sarah Lundberg, Clair Gomez, Lillianne Liu, Sarah Abraham, Abigail Furr, Erin McSpadden, Meredith Clarke, Valeria Jimenez, Kara Samuelson, Grace Stanley, Isabella NovoGradac, Carissa Campos, Michael Brooks, Eli Moffatt, John Silva, Jackson Vaughn, Alex Tran, James Silva, Ashwin Murali, Zaccai Campos, Aishwarye Singh, Joshua Benjamin, Haosi Dai, Jyothis Sajan, JB Joshua Salapantan, Martin Pham, Kyle Daquioag, Adam Gano, Gage Campos, Jake Cummings, Pavan Senthil, Cole Ripple, Avery Sanderlin, Will Wright and Dustin Vickers.

       Pearland High School: Elena Ambro, Grant Ashcraft, Olivia Blas, Alex Bryan, Rachel Burton, Aaron Caldwell, Geneva Cline, Rebecca Cole, Cole Connor, Virginia Cooper, Samantha Covarrubias, Joshua Cunningham, Jarod Dague, Analissa Duenez, Laazia Ellankil, Grace Elliott, Mark-Anthony Ford, Shelby Garrett, Isabella Garza, Maggie Giokas, Corey Grant, Keagan Greer, Joel Hamilton, Alexandra Hattan-Staley, Hannah Herrera, Caroline Holmes, Abigail Howse, Eric Hurks, Brooklynn King, Taylor Jackson, Christian Marin, Genevieve Molina, Zachary Nelson, Carly Paulk, Davian Raggio, Gabriel Rambo, Cooper Richardson, Evelyn Richeson, Sarah Roberts, Sara Rodriguez, Morgan Rushing, Michael Scott, Anastasia Stilkenboom, Taylor Stowers, Cassidy Swinson, Evan Turner, Kaylee Walker and William Walley.

       Junior high students who won spots in the all-region choir include:

       Berry Miller Junior High: Amber Schaefer, Andrew Bennet, Ashley Namata, Audrey O’Day, Austin Wright, Avery McMickle, Avery Tuffly, Bradley Tieu, Cameron Marshall, Catherine John, DeJai Jones, DJ Richardson, Flora Gebremedhin, Grace Brown, Irene Shi, John Jacob, Maddie Newell, Nolawi Bisrat, Sofia Lemma, Sophia Nguyen and Taylor Rodriguez.

       Pearland Junior High East: Stephanie LeBlanc, Aliyah Elizondo, Jenaya Alkire, Victoria Phoenix, Emily Torres, Yara Wiltshire, Alea Isom, Reese Kirby, Sophia Morales, Chloe Condrey, Grace Bouvier, Karleigh Homburg, Carlos Garza, Ethan Arachchigedon, Daniel Smith, Mack Macneish, Corbin Garcia, Randy Jackson, Luis Torres, Fisher Craft, Hayden Burnett, Luke Richardson, Gabriel Banda, Sam Pinkston, Thomas Dahlkamp, Blake Crocker and Aidan Kowis.

       Pearland Junior High South: Savannah Miller, Allison Sayre, Taryn Machado, Alexis Smith, Brynn Neal, Sofie Rogers, Lenna Diaz, Gianna Tabares, Kaylie O'Connell, Cody Goodman and Gilbert Quintanilla.

       Pearland Junior High West: Sindhu Akunuri, Jade Butler, Amy Decker, Maryjoelle Del Rosario, Amarachi Ezirike, Addison Fry, Juliana Garcia, Sydney Gibson, Gwendolyn Holden, Irene Mathai, Thieny Nguyen, Elena Thompson, Karis Vickers, Phoenix Walwyn, Krishan Ahearn, Isaiah Blythe, Daniel Jacob, Kendall McHenry, Taylor Schaefer, Joshua Vuittonet.