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Sablatura Middle School crowned Quiz Bowl Champion

      Pearland Independent School District middle school and junior high teams waged a battle of trivia skills via an online platform on March 26 that ended in Sablatura Middle School winning the overall Grand Championship.

      During the sixteenth annual Quiz Bowl, students competed in general trivia and Super Quiz contests based on the theme “Space”.

      Hosted by Pearland ISD Advanced Academics, this district event builds capacity and interest in the high school Academic Decathlon program.

      Individual and team scores are as follows:

     Super Quiz Top Scoring Individuals

      Pearland Junior High East: Aliyah Elizondo;

      Jamison Middle School: Adelynn Pascarella, Evelyn Blanchard, Carlie Laminack, Katia Laminack and Khane Greene;

      Berry Miller Junior High: Andrew Boster, Mike Christner and Patrick Hughes;

      Rogers Middle School: Arnav Namjoshi, Caylee Young, Ethan George, Moises Galvan, Ishaan Aggarwal, Nishi Narayan and Yichen Wang;

      Sablatura Middle School: Haobo Shi, Max Xiao, Faizaan Azhar and Josh Anino;

      Pearland Junior High South: Elijah Franklin, Jacob Sprague, Lani Heuer and Maria Delgado Iznaga;

      Pearland Junior High West: Emma Xi, Roy Wang, Aedan Scaria and Marc Lu.


      General Trivia Top Scoring Individuals

      Pearland Junior High East: Aliyah Elizondo;

      Jamison Middle School: Amelia Anguiano, Evelyn Blanchard, Carlie Laminack and Hailey Anderson;

      Berry Miller Junior High: Andrew Boster, Elizabeth Hu and Jonathan Niu;

      Rogers Middle School: Ethan George, Vera Yao, Ishaan Aggarwal and Nicolas Garza;

      Sablatura Middle School: Clara Lemoine, Roger Cui, Alex Fernandez, Kenrick Xia and Vedant Yadav;

      PJH South: Jacob Sprague, Jayden Monday, Ian Curow and Lani Heuer;

      PJH West: Emma Xi, Tanishta Anbu, Aedan Scaria and Bowen Xie.


     Super Quiz - First Place

      5th grade – Sablatura: Max Xiao, Leah Hong, Emma Lu and Lila Cornwell;

      6th grade – Sablatura: Faizaan Azhar, Alan Yao, Mikhail Golubev and Josh Anino;

      7th grade – PJH West: Zachary Pair, Emma Xi, Tanishta Anbu and Efran Zhao;

      8th grade – Berry Miller: Patrick Hughes, Mike Christner, Jonathan Niu and Anya Narayan.


     Super Quiz - Second Place

      5th grade – Sablatura: Ethan Chan, Wyatt Yin, Beckett Kamman and Haobo Shi;

      6th grade – Sablatura: Emily Townzen, Amudhan Madhankumar, Will Wang and Avinash Bathla;

      7th grade – PJH West: Amy Zhang, Ayush Anandkumar, Ares Zhou and Roy Wang;

      8th grade – PJH West: Aedan Scaria, Bowen Xie, Marc Lu and Kesler Do.


     Super Quiz Alternate Winners:

      Levi Gilbert, Edward Fu, Kayla Reed and Daniel Tran.


     General Trivia - First Place

      5th grade – Sablatura: Roger Cui, Andrew Nguyen, Clara Lemoine and Drew (Thomas) Westbrook;

      6th grade – Sablatura: Alex Fernandez, Emily Bankson, Vedant Yadav and Annalise Eble;

      7th grade – PJH West: Malcolm Hodge, Tanishta Anbu, Roy Wang and Emma Xi;

      8th grade – PJH West: Kesler Do, Ethan Norman, Bowen Xie and Marc Lu.


     General Trivia - Second Place

      5th grade – Sablatura: Clark Holden, Madeline Pham, Jada Sesay and Jenny (Yanqiao) Huang;

      6th grade – Sablatura: Grace Dai, Arianna Kem, Kenrick Xia and Amadea Barsan;

      7th grade – PJH West: Mason Frank, Amy Zhang, Leetyan Chen and Zoe Yang;

      8th grade – Berry Miller: Patrick Hughes, Wendy Yin, Jonathan Niu and Anya Narayan.


     General Trivia Alternate Winners:

      Swapneil Bose, Ryder Norris, Ayush Anandkumar and Aedan Scaria.


      Quiz Bowl coaches included Lindsey Kingrea and Jazmine Martinez (Jamison), Tracee Belton and Talisa Word (Rogers), Christy VanderWoude and Ashley Arnold (Sablatura), Marc Holmes (Berry Miller), Jason Franks (PJH East), Kent Helms and Casey Willson (PJH South) and Ashley Hill and Julie Pasha (PJH West).