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PJH East claims Best Play at junior high one-act play contest

OAP_East      Pearland Independent School District eighth-graders stole the show – and numerous acting accolades—during the district’s sixth annual Junior High University Interscholastic League One-Act Play Competition held on April 24 at Dawson High School.

      Adjudicated by Mr. Jared Berry, the competition featured thespians from all four district junior high campuses.

      Students competed for individual acting awards, including Best Performer, All-Star Cast and Honorable Mention All-Star Cast Distinctions. In addition, troupes vied for Best Play and Best Technical Crew.

      Pearland Junior High East swept up Best Play honors with its performance of “Proof” by David Auburn. Acting honors included Cody Cox (Honorable Mention All-Star Cast), Jacob Weiner (Honorable Mention All-Star Cast), Brielle Wilburn (All-Star Cast) and Alyssa Warfield (Best Performer). The outstanding technician was Emily van Maaren.

      Performing scenes from “Booby Trap" by Ed Monk, Berry Miller Junior High won Best Technical Crew. Acting honors included Laila Campbell (Honorable Mention All-Star Cast), Jadyn Burrows (All-Star Cast), Marin Monigan (All-Star Cast) and Channing Grace (All-Star Cast). The outstanding technician was Simmone Bright.

      Pearland Junior High West performed scenes from "Any Body for Tea?” by C.B. Gilford. Acting honors included Sherrie Azar (Honorable Mention All-Star Cast), Lillian Ferguson (Honorable Mention All-Star Cast), Madison York (Honorable Mention All-Star Cast), Gwendolyn Holden (All-Star Cast) and Kesler Do (All-Star Cast).

      Pearland Junior High South performed “Small Actors” by Stephen Gregg. Acting honors included Martin Gomez (Honorable Mention All-Star Cast), Chloe Stone (Honorable Mention All-Star Cast), Julianna Avery (All-Star Cast), Duchess Braden (All-Star Cast) and Brooklyn Crawley (Best Performer).

      Directing the troupes were Elaine Weisberg (Pearland JH East), Dr. Lynda McKnight and Nathan Unroe (Berry Miller), Niesha Bentley (Pearland JH West), and Sydney Graham (Pearland JH South).

      Although these students do not compete beyond district level, the Junior High UIL OAP Competition gives them the opportunity to develop their acting talents and prepare for high school drama productions.


      2021 – Proof by David Auburn - PJH East (Elaine Weisberg, Director)

      2020 – No contest due to COVID-19 pandemic

      2019 – Dearly Departed by David Bottrell and Jessie Jones - PJH South (Tracey Phillips, Director)

      2018 – And A Child Shall Lead by Michael Slade - Berry Miller Jr. High (Renee van Nifterik, Director)

      2017 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare - PJH East (John Grimmett, Director)

      2016 – Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw - PJH East (John Grimmett, Director)