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2019-20 Yearbook Distribution

Put your hands up for the 2020 Yearbook Distribution beginning April 21st! 

If you can find your email confirmation for purchase, bring it with you.  We do have a list of purchases, but there is a discrepancy, an email confirmation is the best way to help solve it.  All books were sold online, mostly through Skyward in July and August of 2019.  After that, books were sold online through Balfour.

Parents, siblings and friends are allowed to pick up books for graduates but must show ID and sign for all books they pick up.

Our limited stock of extra copies can be purchased for $100 at each of the events below:

Current Face to Face Students

Students will line up outside the textbook room near the cafeteria and be allowed in 10 at a time on the following schedule:

Class of 21 and 22 - Wed, April 21st, all three lunches

Class of 2023 - Thurs, April 22nd, all three lunches


Remote students and CLASS of 2020

Students, grads and/or their representatives will come to the library through exterior library entrance and be allowed in 10 at a time on the following schedule:

Thursday, April 22nd, 5-7pm

Friday, April 23rd, (asynchronous day), 1:30-3pm

(Siblings, parents and friends who pick up yearbooks need to show ID and sign for the books)


All Remaining Customers

April 26th, 7-8pm


Each student or their representative will receive a MYSTERY GAB BAG for attending the assigned distribution.  It seems only fitting that the gift be a mystery to commemorate the year we never saw coming!


After April 26th, books can be picked up with ID at the Dawson Reception desk during school hours only.


For more information, contact Leslie Sanderson at

2020 yearbook cover