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Class of '22 Senior Portraits

DHS 2022 Sr. Portrait Flyer


Senior Portraits

RESCHEDULED: The final round of on-campus senior portrait sessions will take place September 20th and Monday, September 27th. Click here to schedule an appointment on campus.

Alternately, call the studio at 281-277-3900 or visit their website for help with scheduling and other questions:

Seniors are not photographed on School Picture Day, but instead have a longer appointment with Prestige Portraits that includes wardrobe changes. All seniors must attend one of these sessions to appear in the yearbook.


1.  Sessions are held on campus and at Prestige's Sugar Land studio. No charge for the tux/drape pose used in the yearbook, but a $10 fee may be charged for cap and gown sessions. Highter sitting fees apply when students bring custom outfits.  See flyer link for more info.

2.  Proofs are mailed to each student's home address. Purchasing info is included, as are instructions for choosing a yearbook pose.  Seniors who don't choose their pose for the yearbook have their pose chosen for them.

3.  The yearbook uses a tux/drape pose. Last year, we allowed students to substitute their own black and white outfit for the yearbook pose due to COVID-19 concerns. We will continue to offer that flexibility, but Prestige will also offer the tux/drape option, and has a system to address cleanliness.

4.  Senior portraits may be removed from the yearbook if students are not following the PISD dress code requirements for hair and grooming.

5.  There may be one more opportunity to take a senior portrait on campus, but if so, it will not be a full session, but rather a quick shot for the yearbook.

6.  All seniors must be photographed by November 20 to appear in the yearbook.


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