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On Campus Technology Help Desk for Student 1:1 Devices

Students and parents see information below for specific times and location for help desk support during school hours. 


You can find a variety of self-help resources on the Tech Support website 


Important things to remember with your student laptop:

  • Completely shut down daily (click on windows icon, click power, select shut down)
  • Only closing your laptop will put it to sleep, which still uses up the device battery
  • Do not let your laptop shut down by running out of battery
  • Save all important documents to your Office 365 account
  • Do not save documents to the desktop
  • Do not login to your device unless it has connected to the Wi-Fi, this will ensure proper connections
  • Do not remove the protective case


Technology Help Desk for Student 1:1 Devices

                                       Tech Office Room 1506                                            


7:15 am - 9:15 am


If an emergency arises after 9:15 am, please have your teacher email to confirm someone is available to assist.


Also, for the month of September, beginning Wednesday, September 8, 2021, we will have the Help Desk available during Eagle Hour in room 1506.  This will only be available on Monday & Wednesday during the month of September. 


 Troubleshooting you can try from your classroom

Wi-Fi issues -  “Restart” by clicking on the power button (bottom left corner) and then restart. Please remember to “shut down” the laptop properly (using the power button and click shut down) when going between home/school instead of closing the lid or pushing the power button. If this doesn’t fix the issue and it’s happened more than once, please visit the help desk during the designated time.

Laptop Not Turning On – Please plug in the laptop to see if it will come on. If it's been plugged in and it’s still not working, switch outlets.  Sometimes the outlet is not working and thereby not charging the device. If it doesn’t turn on after a few minutes on the charger, then please visit the help desk at the designated time. Also, bring the charger so that we may check it for any issues.