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District celebrates National Athletic Training Month

       In honor of National Athletic Training Month this March, Pearland Independent School District proudly recognizes the contributions of its six athletic trainers.

       These healthcare professionals include Dawson High School’s Chris Shaddock (head athletic trainer), Christina Fry and Savannah Tracy and Pearland High School’s Matt Thomas (head athletic trainer), Jill Flowers and Will Ryan.

       Pearland ISD takes the healthcare of the student athletes very seriously and has partnered with Memorial Hermann to provide athletic trainers at Pearland ISD’s junior high campuses. Junior high athletes and parents will have the same benefits of prevention, care, treatment and rehabilitation as the student athletes the high school campuses. These healthcare professionals are Brittnie Smithley at PJH South and Berry Miller JH and Kathy Nguyen at PJH East and West.

       Throughout March, athletic trainers (ATs), nationwide will educate athletes, patients, clients and the public about the importance and value of their work.

       Collaborating with physicians, ATs play a sustainable role in risk mitigation. ATs can help prevent injuries, reduce liability and improve productivity. ATs offer a safer approach and compassionate care to individuals who are physically active or participate in sports. ATs should not be confused with personal trainers or “trainers” who focus solely on fitness and conditioning.

       “ATs are essential to health care” is the 2021 National Athletic Training Month theme, because athletic trainers are advocates for their patient’s best medical interest and make competent decisions based on evidence-based practice.

       In addition, throughout March, PHS and DHS athletic trainers invite administrators from the Pearland Little League, Pearland Youth Football League, Pearland United or other local youth sports organization and employers in the Pearland area to explore the public awareness campaign, “At Your Own Risk” webpage which is aimed specifically at educating parents, student athletes, school administrators, legislators and employers on the athletic trainers' role as an expert in prevention and safety.

       To learn more about how you can support this initiative at your local, state and district levels, please visit