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District High School Theatre productions go virtual

       Pearland and Dawson high schools are safely moving forward with their annual fall productions even when faced with the pandemic. Their solution was bold and innovative, with students working on social-distanced video productions to be streamed on-demand online. PHS’s Pearland Theatre presents an adaptation of the Greek tragedy, “Medea” and DHS’s Ovation Theatre presents a new adaptation of Shakespeare's classic, “Hamlet”.  


       Medea is an adaptation of the Greek tragedy by Euripides, with the original play based on the myth of Medea and Jason. The story focuses on Medea’s revenge on Jason after he betrays her with another woman.

       PHS’s version is set in modern times and all the action of the play is viewed through various social media platforms and group connection sites. This new take on a classic Greek tragedy allowed innovation and production to carry on while keeping the actors and technicians safe.

       The video production of “Medea” can be seen online mid-January. For more details, visit


       Set in Denmark, Hamlet tells the story of Prince Hamlet and his revenge against his uncle, Claudius, who has murdered Hamlet's father in order to assume his throne and marry Hamlet's mother.

       DHS’s Ovation Theatre reinvented the play with a version in which Hamlet was split into two characters, played by identical twin students, with similar, yet separate ambitions. The production is ultimately about isolation, obsession and grief, topics which the students (and society in general) can relate to in times consumed by a global pandemic.

       The video production of “Hamlet” can be seen online December 11-18, at Cost for streaming starts at $11.63.