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National Merit commended students announced

       Fifty Pearland Independent School District students have been named commended students in the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Program.

       Commended students include. . . .


       Turner College and Career High School

       Noelle Dalida

       James Frazier


       Dawson High School:

       Sityana Abdu

       Hannah Alm-Gibson 

       Peter Assef    

       Griffin Binu  

       Jared Byars   

       Xinyang Chen           

       Brandon Dano           

       Rishabh Dave

       Kelsey Dunn 

       Madelynn Eisterhold

       Philip Espinal           

       Evan Gao      

       Allen Jiang   

       Mihir Kalvakaalva    

       Ava Kutach   

       Louis Lee      

       Cordelia Li    

       Sophia Lin    

       Jayden Lu     

       Jalen Nguyen

       Baron Niu     

       Elaine Pham  

       Kevin Ren     

       Julia Rieger   

       Whitney Schaefer     

       Shannon Shields       

       David Szklaruk Traipe         

       Stephen Wang          

       Zhi Ran Wang          

       Preston Weinheimer 

       Jasmine Wong          

       Aaron Wu     

       Natalie Yee   


       Pearland High School:

       Brayden Anderson

       Mason Arnold

       Alex Bryan

       Nathan Bui

       Aidan Garcia

       Jenna Genaro

       Kelley Greer

       Caroline Holmes

       Taylor Jackson

       Ryan Le

       Austin Nathans

       Isabella Partida

       Anna Phan

       Sadie Roecker

       Tegan Tien


       These students rank among approximately 34,000 commended students nationwide who are being recognized for their exceptional academic promise.

       Although they will not continue in the 2022 competition for National Merit scholarships, commended students placed among the top 50,000 scorers of more than 1.5 million students who entered the competition by taking the 2020 Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test.