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If your child was absent please make sure you turn in a written note within 3 days of the absence. You can see all guidelines for absence procedures by clicking here

For appointments with a HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL:

* Bring a note from the doctor’s office stating the date and time

* If a student begins classes or returns to school on the same day as the appointment and provides a valid note upon return no absence will be recorded

OTHER ABSENCES require a parent note following these guidelines:

1. Click link and submit electronic absence reporting form.


2. Write on paper – emails will not be accepted


> Student first and last name

> Grade

> ID number (if known)

> Date

> Reason for absence

* Sign and date by a parent/guardian – notes signed by students will not be accepted

* Submit note OR electronic absence reporting form

within three school days of the student’s return or the absences will be considered UNEXCUSED and count towards truancy

* JUNIORS and SENIORS please click here for the College Visit Request form. 




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