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Bond election will not increase taxes for homeowners 65+ with exemption

Homestead Exemption Seniors 65 and older who have filed or will file the required exemption form will see no tax increase if voters approve Pearland ISD’s Nov. 8 bond election.

The $220 million bond election seeks to address safety/security, technology, growth and aging facilities -- adding capacity at several schools and providing maintenance and upgrades identified by the Long-Range Planning Community Advisory Committee, district personnel, engineers and trustees.

Seniors age 65 and older who receive the homestead exemption can look forward to having their school taxes frozen at the same dollar amount for every year in the future.

According to the Texas comptroller, a homestead tax ceiling is a limit on the amount of taxes individuals pay on their residence.

Seniors who qualify will not have school taxes on their home increase as long as they own and continue to live in that residence.

School taxes on the home may drop below but will not rise above this ceiling. The only exception that could result in a tax ceiling increase is improvements to the home beyond normal repairs or maintenance.

Homestead Exemption Qualification

The homestead exemption for ages 65+ is available to property owners who meet these requirements:

  • Complete the application process
  • Own the property and occupy as primary residence in the year in which they apply
  • Are 65 or older
  • Provide a copy of driver’s license or state ID card
  • Have same address on ID as physical address of property for which exemption is to be applied

For Brazoria County residents, the homestead exemption application is available at

Complete and mail/deliver the notarized form to the appropriate office:

  • Brazoria County Appraisal District: 500 N. Chenango St., Angleton, TX 77515-4650 (More info: 979-849-7792 or
  • Harris County Appraisal District: P. O. Box 922012, Houston, TX 77292-2012 (More info: 713-957-7800 or

When the chief appraiser approves the exemption, seniors do not need to apply again. They must reapply only if the appraiser requires them to do so or if they want the exemption to apply to property not listed in the application.

Homestead Exemption Deadlines

Seniors must apply before the first anniversary of their qualification date to receive the exemption in that tax year.

For example, if turning 65 on June 1 of the current year, they have until May 31 of the following year to apply for the current tax year’s 65+ exemption.

A surviving spouse exemption also applies to people over 55. To qualify for this exemption, they must have. . .

  • Been 55+ on the date their spouse died
  • Had the spouse pass away in a year he/she qualified for the 65+ exemption
  • Had the property as their residence homestead when the spouse died and continue to live there

Homeowners seeking a new residence homestead, disability or 65+ exemption should apply by April 30 but may file late without penalty (up to one year after the taxes on the home became delinquent).

For more information about the Pearland ISD bond election, visit