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Pearland ISD Teacher awarded Educator of the Year by National Society of High School Scholars

      Pearland Independent School District’s Diana Gano is awarded Educator of the Year by The National Society of High School Scholars.

      The Educator of the Year Award recognizes ten exemplary educators who are outstanding role models and exemplary practitioners who have made a lasting difference in a student's life by encouraging them to strive for excellence, not just in their academic pursuits, but in all their endeavors. Since the inception of the Educators of Distinction program in 2004, NSHSS has recognized more than 40,000 educators worldwide.

Diana Gano honored with the Educator of the Year

      Diana Gano is a department chair and chemistry teacher at Glenda Dawson High School and has been with the district for the past 13 years. “I have found that the key to getting students to absorb, believe, and embrace information is to show how fascinating it is, how relevant it is, and what they can do with that information,” she said.

      “This award is especially meaningful to me because it came from a student nomination. The fact that my students appreciate my teaching (despite their possible struggles) means that I’m on the right track and gives me the encouragement every day to keep doing what I’m doing,” Gano said.

      “Mrs. Gano has been an outstanding teacher who successfully encourages her students to love chemistry and other STEM fields,” Gano’s nominating student said.

      Gano’s passion and dedication to making a positive, lasting impact in the students’ lives is awe-inspiring.

      About the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS):

      Formed in 2002 by James W. Lewis and Claes Nobel, senior member of the family that established the Nobel Prizes, The National Society of High School Scholars recognizes academic excellence at the high school level and helps to advance the goals and aspirations of high-achieving students through unique learning experiences, scholarships, internships, international study and peer networks. NSHSS members become lifetime members. At each step along the way – from high school to college to career – NSHSS connects outstanding young scholars with the resources they need to develop their strengths and pursue their passions. Currently, there are more than 1,000,000 Society members in 160 countries. For more information about NSHSS visit