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Twenty three students advance to national Scholastic Art & Writing Contest

      Seven artists from Dawson High School, Pearland High School, Berry Miller Junior High and Pearland Junior High South, along with fifteen writers/poets from DHS and one from Berry Miller JH will compete for national Scholastic Art & Writing Awards this spring.

      The Scholastic Awards are the nation’s longest-running and most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in grades 7–12. The Awards give students opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication, and scholarships. Students across America submitted nearly 340,000 original works this year in 29 different categories of art and writing.

      Each fall, schools submit students’ best art and writing and entries are judged by a professional panel. Only Gold Key winners advance to the national level for a chance to win one of approximately 1,500 national awards. National Gold and Silver Medals will be announced in March and awarded on June 4 through a ceremony at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

      Regional awards for art include. . . .

     Berry Miller Junior High

Katherine Xie: Gold Key

An Truong: Silver Key

Lauren Oishi: Honorable Mention

Their art teachers are Noelle Johnson and Sara Mendoza.


      Dawson High School

Jamie Lincoln: Gold Key

Vidya Muthupillai: Gold Key

Wendy Xie: Gold and Silver Keys

Erica Anton: Silver Key

Carolyn Hoang: Silver Key

Aruna Muthupillai: Silver Key

Gracin Nguyen: Silver Key

Allen Nong: Silver Key

Elizabeth Carney: Honorable Mention

Their art teacher is Teri Zuteck.


      Pearland High School

Alana Dudley: Gold Key

Jacqueline Mandola: Gold Key

Lila Anthony: Silver Key

Carson Flores: Silver Key and Honorable Mention

Chelsea Tran: Honorable Mention

Their art teacher is Mariel Esposti.


      Pearland Junior High South

Nayeli Guzman: Gold Key

Abigail Myers: Honorable Mention

Their art teacher is Jodie Lyden.


      Robert Turner College & Career High School

Sainsha Bakshi: Honorable Mention

Breanna Camario: Honorable Mention

Emma Lawrence: Honorable Mention

Their art teacher is Mark Villapando.


       Regional awards for writing include these students. . . .

      Berry Miller Junior High

Elizabeth Hu: One Gold Key, One Silver Key and three Honorable Mentions

Her English teachers are Michael Rice and Brittany Boyton.


      Dawson High School

Ananya Amar: One Silver Key

Jabari Bowen: One Silver Key

Janna Cao: Two Honorable Mentions

Ethan Huang Chen: One Gold Key, One Silver Key and One Honorable Mention

Aruntathi Chezhian: One Gold Key, One Silver Key and Two Honorable Mentions

Rishabh Dave: One Gold Key

Charlotte Harrington: Two Gold Keys and One Silver Key

Julie Henry: Two Gold Keys

Harrison Huang: One Gold Key, Four Silver Keys and Two Honorable Mentions

Re'Elle Isales: One Gold Key and Two Honorable Mentions

Jawad Kazi: One Honorable Mention

Sai Kaushik: One Gold Key and One Silver Key

Matthew Kearney: One Silver Key and One Honorable Mention

Aarav Kumar: Four Honorable Mentions

Cindy Li: One Honorable Mention

Kathy Liang: Three Silver Keys

Jamie Lincoln: One Gold Key

Sarah Lundberg: One Silver Key

Ashwin Murali: One Honorable Mention

Aruna Muthupillai: One Silver Key

Vidya Muthupillai: One Silver Key

Aditya Namjoshi: Three Gold Keys and One Honorable Mention

Vy Nguyen: One Honorable Mention

Luxin Peng: Two Silver Keys and One Honorable Mention

Kaitlyn Phillips: One Gold Key

Sydney Rouah: One Silver Key

Amy Thyne: One Gold Key and One Silver Key

Jessica Williams: One Gold Key and One Honorable Mention

Karen Yao: One Gold Key

Raina Zhang: Two Gold Keys and One Silver Key

Katherine Zhong: Two Honorable Mentions

Their English teachers are Susan Henson and Kimberly Tucker.

      In addition, Aditya Namjoshi numbers among 10 regional American Voices/American Visions winners -- best-in-region awards selected by local writers and artists. He will compete for one of two top spots nationwide for American Voices/American Visions medals.

      The Harris County Department of Education serves as the regional sponsor of this prestigious national program and hosts yearly judging and awards ceremonies for thousands of writing and art entries submitted by students.

      Famous past winners include Stephen King, Dan Fogelberg, Sylvia Plath, Robert Redford, Truman Capote, Andy Warhol, Joyce Carol Oates, Marc Brown and Jaida Jones.

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