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Sablatura Middle School crowned Quiz Bowl Champions

Quiz Bowl Champions        Pearland Independent School District middle school and junior high teams waged a battle of trivia skills February 28 that ended in Sablatura Middle School winning the overall Grand Championship.

       During the fifteenth annual Quiz Bowl, students competed in general trivia and Super Quiz contests based on the 2020 Academic Decathlon theme – Sickness & Health.

       Hosted by Pearland ISD Advanced Academics, this district event builds capacity and interest in the high school Academic Decathlon program.

       Individual and team scores are as follows:

Individual High Scores

Alexander Middle School: Carter Reyes

Jamison Middle School: Mary Kate Sanders and Isaiah Hinkle

Rogers Middle School: Ishaan Aggarwal and Andrew Boster

Sablatura Middle School: Alexander Saenko and Malcolm Hodge

Berry Miller Junior High: Yifan Wang and Cristian Garcia

Pearland Junior High East: William Atkinson and Emily Elledge

Pearland Junior High South: Paige Palec and Lily Lara

Pearland Junior High West: JP Jewell and Wende Wang

General Trivia – Alternate Competition

Rogers Middle School: Camden Dean

Sablatura Middle School: Emerson LeBlanc and Amadea Barsan

Berry Miller Junior High: Matthew Niu

Pearland Junior High West: Becky Gundlach

General Trivia - First Place

5th Grade – Sablatura: Nicholas Edmiston, Alexander Saenko, Alan Yao and Junxi Ding

6th Grade – Sablatura: Roy Wang, Leetyan Chen, Mason Frank and Malcolm Hodge

7th Grade – Berry Miller: Anya Narayan, Wendy Yin, Jonathan Niu and Patrick Hughes

8th Grade – PJH West: Wende Wang, Daniel Jacob, Sophie Nguyen and Ben Walsworth-Purkiss

General Trivia - Second Place

5th Grade – Sablatura: Annalise Eble, Aashi Pawar, Shine Liang and Grace Dai

6th Grade – Rogers: Connor Allen, Sienna Cowsert, Daniel Miller and Andrew Boster

7th Grade – Berry Miller: Alex Dai, Michael Christner, Julia Xiao and Yifan Wang

8th Grade – Berry Miller: Cyril John, Cristian Garcia, Amanda Yee and Timothy Chou

Super Quiz - First Place

5th Grade – Sablatura: Alivia Laday, Jeffin Antoney, Will Wang, Gatik Bafna, Alexander Healy, Ethan Richter, Aiden Li and Avinash Bathla

5th Grade – Jamison: Kayden Chittenden, Elissa Jones, Mary Kate Sanders, Katia Laminack, Sophia Nguyen, Khane Greene and Ian Raphael Dela Rosa

6th Grade – Sablatura: Amy Zhang, Stephanie Nash, Tanishta Anbu, Ares Zhou, Jerry Tong, Derek Zhu, Bryan Zhao and Noah Estes

7th Grade – West: Phillip Chambers, Mahesh Parmeswaran, JP Jewell, Vincent Vereen, Kesler Do, Ian Norwood, Marc Lu and Christopher Lopez

8th Grade – Berry Miller: Caleb Dean, Hantao Jin, Amanda Yee, Emma Lundberg, Cyril John 891223, Cristian Garcia, Timothy Chou and Evan Horvith

Super Quiz - Second Place

5th Grade – Rogers: Ishaan Aggarwal, Blake Torano, Nishi Narayan, Connor Dunn, Sumith Murthy, Yichen Wang, Chenyu Jin and Camden Dean

6th Grade – Alexander: Charles Bucklew, Cameron Gordon, Karen Truong, Brandon Barlow, Miranda Medel, Damien Trump, Emma Garza and Avery Nathans

6th Grade – Rogers: Eraj Yusuf, Andrew Boster, Sienna Cowsert, Connor Allen, Andrew Hettinger, Isabella Moulton, Maya Kordia and Daniel Miller

7th Grade – East: Quinn Frazier, Manuel Lopez, Henry Dines, William Atkinson, Luke Carp, Madelyn Aronson, Eliana Hooks and Aaron Hernandez

8th Grade – East: Emily Elledge, Tyler Williamson, Levi Bolling, Tyler Armstrong, Maddie Poole, Haley Carew, Aidan Kowis and Nadia McCauley

       Quiz Bowl coaches included Jennifer Paynic and Misty Sloan (Alexander), Lindsey Kingrea, Kelly Ellis and Debbie McComb (Jamison), Kim Long and Tracee Belton (Rogers), Christy VanderWoude and Judy Sisk (Sablatura), Marc Holmes (Berry Miller), Jason Franks and Dana Atkinson (PJH East), Merideth Oliver and Kent Helms (PJH South) and Ashley Hill and Julie Pasha (PJH West).