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3rd Nine-Week Mode of Instruction Changes

At the end of the second nine-week grading period, parents will have the opportunity to change the learning mode for their student. The learning mode options include: On-Campus Learning or Remote Learning. Please review the information at Pearland ISD Plan to Proceed to ensure you are making the best informed decision for your child. Please be advised failure to have passing grades may result in enrollment in on-campus learning at the student’s assigned school.

If you would like your child to continue in the same learning mode as the second nine-week grading period, NO ACTION IS REQUIRED.

If you would like to change the learning mode option for your child, please see the timeline below for completion and link for directions.




November 30 – December 6

Parents are allowed to make learning mode changes in Skyward via Online Forms.  (Click here for instructions)

Opportunity to switch a student from on-campus to remote learning or remote learning to on-campus.

December 7 – December 18

Students continue to follow their 2nd nine-week learning mode

**Allows campuses time to plan for any possible schedule changes for the 3rd nine-week. 

January 5

Students may begin participating in their 3rd nine-week updated learning mode.

Allows student to participate in selected learning mode until the end of the third nine-week grading period.

3rd nine-week grading period:
January 5 – March 5

**As a reminder, changing your child’s learning mode may result in a schedule/teacher change. If there is a schedule/teacher change, the campus will notify the parent.


Please contact your child’s campus if you have any questions.