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District celebrates School Board Recognition Month

       January is School Board Recognition Month, when Pearland Independent School District recognizes its trustees for their year-round commitment to provide quality public education.

       Pearland ISD proudly honors this all-star team -- the seven school board members who serve and support students while partnering with administration to lead the district.

       The board of trustees includes President Sean Murphy, Vice President Jeff Barry, Secretary Rebecca Decker and members Lance Botkin, Crystal Carbone, Toni Carter and Dr. Kristofer Schoeffler.

       The board functions as the district’s policy-making body, with administrative staff carrying out the policies set by the board. Trustees model effective school board practices, working as a team to benefit the district’s students.

       Here is what some trustees say about their vision and wishes for Pearland ISD for 2021:

       Sean Murphy: “My vision for the district is for us to be able to see academic growth as well as closures in gaps from our students while maintaining a safe learning environment.”

       Jeff Barry: “My wish is that we continue educating students and building programs that further their education so that they are better off than their peers when they graduate.”

       Rebecca Decker: “It is difficult to see past the constraints of COVID, but I wish and pray that a vaccine for the virus is received by all in need so the district can get back to in-person celebrations and students participating in the whole school experience with peer face-to-face interactions. So many adjustments and sacrifices have had to be endured through this past year and it would wonderful to see live student performances and competitions. I wish for parents to be able to watch their children perform, compete and walk across the graduation stage.”

       Board meetings are normally held on the second Tuesday of each month at the Education Support Center, 1928 N. Main. Check the district website for dates and agenda.