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Twenty Pearland ISD students make TMEA all-state ensembles

      Pearland Independent School District recently celebrated students earning places in Texas Music Educators Association all-state performing groups.

      Twenty Dawson and Pearland high school band and choir students proved practice makes perfect by reaching the highest level possible for Texas music students.

      Every year, the students who secure a spot in the state choir or band join students from across Texas in an annual TMEA Clinic/Convention in San Antonio, participate rehearsals directed by nationally-recognized conductors and perform for thousands of attendees. Due to COVID-19, the annual TMEA Clinic/Convention has been cancelled this year.

      “Making all-state is the highest achievement a high school music student can attain. It is an indicator that the students not only have received great instruction from their elementary music teachers on up to their current high school directors, but also that they applied themselves to develop their skills to the best of their ability,” Tom Bell, Pearland ISD Director of Fine Arts, said. “I am incredibly proud of these students and of our programs.”

      Thanks to their hard work and commitment to their craft, these Pearland ISD students achieved the all-state level:

      DHS All-State Choir:

  • Gage Campos
  • Valeria Jimenez
  • Ashwin Murali
  • Jessica Reed
  • Jyothis Sajan
  • John Silva
  • James Silva
  • Alex Tran

      PHS All-State Choir:

  • Hannah Herrera
  • Taylor Stowers

      DHS All-State Band:

  • Theodore Bao
  • Benjamin Cummings
  • Miguel Gonzales
  • Alina Liebschner
  • Gianna Scire
  • Austin Talbot

      PHS All-State Band:

  • Joesen Fosah
  • Katelyn Nguyen
  • Joseph Sankey
  • Daysha Watts

      “When practicing for the competition on their own, the students develop grit, perseverance and discipline. This not only makes every student that participates in the process, regardless of the outcome, a better musician, but also develops habits that the students can then transfer to EVERY aspect of their academic and personal lives,” Bell said.

      Band directors include DHS’s Aaron Brown and PHS’s Joseph Munoz. Roxan Silva directs the DHS Choir, while Michael Kessler leads the PHS Choir.

      More than 70,000 students begin the competition through regional auditions, with a select group of highest-ranking performers advancing to area and then to state.

      High school students who won spots in the region band include:

      PHS Region Band:

      Zoe Adkisson, Isabella Banda, Jonathan Beasley, John Bonefas, Blake Bryan, Jackson Coate, Kasey Cook, Ryan Coplen, Kylee Crites, Cooper Dawson, Elden Deguia, Aurora Devlin, Connor Doss, Adriana Drescher, Jacob Ellerbrock, Luis Espinoza, Aaron Garcia, Jacob Genaro, Chadd Gilford, Rachel Gordon, Robert Greaney Jr, Larissa Harrison, Anthony Hildebrand, Zachary Jamison, Matthew Judge, Jackson Kasper, Sydney Lozado, Andrew Macias, Lillian May, William Moore, Ethan Nguyen, Daniela Notice, Josi Oujesky, Veronica Patino, Madelyn Pena, Vinh Pham, Josiah Sanchez, Mark Scranton, Ryan Secrest, Wyatt Selders, Rebeca Sorto, Ryan Stephens, Camille Stephens, Hanna Stephens, Trevor Topolski, Carden Tran, Marcello Villalon, Thomas Vo, Andrew Wach, Stephanie Ware, Kasey Winter, Alyssa Winter, Jamie Yanga, McKenna Young.

      DHS Region Band:

      Emma Balsamo, Kevin Barton, Evelyn Baum, Brayden Bland, Alexis Bunta, Jared Byars, Gabe Castellanos, Josh Chen, Scott Cripps, Adam Czader, Phillip Espinal, Tia Evans, Anthony Gibson, Jeremy Gillespie, Clark Gomez, Becky Gundlach, Will Gundlach, Gabriel Habib, Hudson Hart, Isabella Haskins, Isabelle Hildebrandt, Mitchell Hinderer, Eitan Hinojosa, David Jeon, Hantao Jin, Lillian Keaton, Chiaki Komatsu, Alex Kopetz, Allison Lew, Joshua Linerode, Ethan Loyless, Emma Lundberg, Jeremy Macias, Vincent Mai, Stephen Mao, Aileen Marzan, Michael Meng, Ethan Montes, Trevor Moore, Kerry Morgan, Sophia Peterson, Kaitlyn Phillips, Kristen Platt, James Powers, Jonathan Robin, Christian Ross,C hristian Ross, Alex Salazar, Angel Salinas, Hannah Smith, Grace Song, Meghan Sood, Alex Tijerina, Katie Tindall, Benjamin Walsworth-Purkiss, Stephen Wang, James Williams, Alex Wright, Melinda Yao, Amanda Yee, Rachel Zhou and Harrison Zhu.