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Estes named Pearland ISD Chief Technology Officer

Jon-Paul Estes        Pearland Independent School District welcomes Jon-Paul Estes as its new Chief Technology Officer.

       Estes most recently served as a director of information technology (IT) support and vendor management for the University of Central Florida and brings more than 24 years of experience to the district. Prior to his position at UCF, Estes was a managing director of IT for the United States Bowling Congress for six years and a director of IT in the hospitality field for 12 years.

       “Those who are in leadership positions have a responsibility to nurture, encourage and provide opportunities for their team to grow and shine,” Estes said.

       Estes holds a bachelor’s in Computer Science and Math from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN and is motivated to focus on taking care of the students’ needs.

       “In everything that we do, it is important to remember our ‘Why’. Why are we here? Why do we do what we do? In our case, within the Technology department and across the district, our ‘Why’ is the students,” Estes said. “There is a finite amount of resources available to us each day.  We need to make sure that we are using those resources in the most efficient way possible and that what we are working on is a part of our mission of supporting and improving the education of our students.”

       He looks forward to working with an incredible team, both inside the Technology department and across all other areas in the district, to make a difference in the lives and education of the students. He also believes technology is a paramount part of the mission of Education. 

       “Parents spend their lives learning to ‘let go’ of their children. As a parent, I know how difficult that can be. When our children attend school, not only are we letting go of them for a bit, but we are also entrusting their safety and growth to others,” he said. “We have been given a great trust, including those of us in Technology, and we must prove every day that we are worthy of that trust. Working together with parents, teachers and everyone within Pearland ISD is the only way of achieving success.”