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District announces teacher, employee honorees

       Pearland ISD proudly announces its 2020-21 campus teacher and paraprofessional award winners and principals and employees of the year.

       Each year the district honors outstanding teachers, administrators and staff who go above and beyond to inspire students and create a supportive educational environment.

       District elementary and secondary teacher award winners will be named at the employee service awards online celebration on April 30.

       Principals of the Year

       Shayla McGrew, Silverlake Elementary

       Dr. Kai Bouchard, Turner College & Career High School


       Campus Teachers of the Year

       Lorena Soto, Carleston Elementary

       Lindy Prine, Challenger Elementary

       Annette Taylor, Cockrell Elementary

       Christi Merritt, Harris Elementary

       Nellie Riggs, Lawhon Elementary

       Lavonne Merkh, Magnolia Elementary

       Allison Beer, Massey Ranch Elementary

       Melody Yeatts, Rustic Oak Elementary

       Jacqueline Wenske, Shadycrest Elementary

       Samantha Fuller, Silvercrest Elementary

       Vanessa Sebro, Silverlake Elementary

       Brittany Suarez, Alexander Middle School

       Debbie McComb, Jamison Middle School

       Kristin Hinks, Rogers Middle School

       Annabelle Briggs, Sablatura Middle School

       Denise Hahn, Berry Miller Junior High

       Deana Perry, Junior High East

       Cara Buis, Junior High South

       Ben Murphy, Junior High West

       Anusha Murali, Dawson High School

       Andrea Peel, Pearland High School

       Dana Hutchins, Turner College & Career High School

       Katherine Wilson, PACE Center


       Campus Glenda Dawson First-Year Teachers

       Kristin Baty, Carleston Elementary

       Inocencia Quintero, Challenger Elementary

       Dana Nixon, Cockrell Elementary

       Katy Prince, Harris Elementary

       Kaitlyn Guzman, Lawhon Elementary

       Annie Provenzano, Magnolia Elementary

       Carmen Fife, Massey Ranch Elementary

       Madison Barron, Shadycrest Elementary

       Emily Elias Fidler, Silverlake Elementary

       Karen Hollas, Alexander Middle School

       Francisco Vazquez, Jamison Middle School

       Sarah Ennis, Rogers Middle School

       Melisa Greenidge, Sablatura Middle School

       Joshua Kiser, Berry Miller Junior High

       Lisa Poehler, Junior High East

       Steven Carlson, Junior High South

       Makenzie Smajstrla, Junior High West

       Cydney White, Dawson High School

       Ryan Huey, Pearland High School

       Karen Hooper, Turner College & Career High School


       Paraprofessionals of the Year

       Vivian Holland, Carleston Elementary

       Bridget Cormier, Challenger Elementary

       Tya Ann Tilson, Cockrell Elementary

       LeShan Shepard, Harris Elementary

       Lisa Rivera, Lawhon Elementary

       April Ortiz, Magnolia Elementary

       Sandy Helton, Massey Ranch Elementary

       Edna Darby, Rustic Oak Elementary

       Jennifer Castro, Shadycrest Elementary

       Cassie Hinshaw, Silvercrest Elementary

       Angelica Field, Silverlake Elementary

       Brandy Hammond, Alexander Middle School

       Kerri Connor, Sam Jamison Middle School

       Daelyn Heaps, Rogers Middle School

       Hjordis Scranton, Leon Sablatura Middle School

       Amanda Anderson, Berry Miller Junior High

       Robert Salinas, Pearland Junior High East

       Katie Bradshaw, Pearland Junior High South

       Anna M. Gonzalez, Pearland Junior High West

       Veronica Hernandez, Turner College & Career High School

       Alejandra Ponce, PACE Center

       Tatum Jones, Glenda Dawson High School

       Sara Hunt, Pearland High School


       Employees of the Year

       Claudia Sanchez, Food Service         

       Jennifer Rountree, ESC         

       Stephanie Morrison, Transportation

       Lidia Reyes, Operations

       Russell Dougherty, Maintenance