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Class of 2022 SAT scores surpass state average

The College Board recently released the 2022 SAT scores and Pearland Independent School District’s 2022 senior class surpassed the state’s SAT average by 134 points.

A total of 1,027 recent graduates took the SAT during high school and scored an average of 569 points in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW) and 566 points in Math for an overall average score of 1135.

Pearland ISD students continue to boast a trend of exceeding state and global average scores by an ever-increasing amount in critical reading, math and writing.

In addition, every population of Pearland ISD students scored an average total score that exceeded the state average of 1001 and almost every population scored above the global average of 1050. In most cases, the difference was significant.

Pearland ISD’s gains continue to impress as an increase in SAT takers over the last ten years -- from 720 to 1,027 students.

According to Director of Advanced Academics Margo Gigee, the key to these achievements has been an intentional district-wide focus on college readiness. This includes:

  • PSAT available to all 9th-11th grade students during the school day
  • Elective SAT prep classes taught by specially-trained teachers
  • Embedded SAT skills and strategies in standard curriculum for each grade beginning in 5th grade advanced classes
  • Increased dual-credit enrollment
  • Open enrollment in PAP and AP classes, beginning in fifth grade
  • Increased PAP and AP enrollment

Another factor in the increased test scores has been the district’s partnership with the Khan Academy, which is designated as the official SAT practice partner. It is free to all students and the district’s SAT Prep class teachers utilize it within their instruction. Once students take a pre-test or upload their PSAT results, Khan can provide them with lessons and practices for the specific skills which need additional practices.

“By targeting the efforts on skills needed instead of all over practice, students can focus on what they need and improve their results,” Gigee said.

The result of this focus? Pearland ISD’s average combined reading and math SAT score is 1135 -- above the 1010 college readiness mark. The district average has increased 129 points in ten years.

“When we are intentional about what we do, we can make great things happen for kids. The vision of our board and superintendent, the focus of Advanced Academics and the efforts of our campuses have provided a framework for success. Students and teachers show grit to make college readiness a reality in our schools,” Gigee said.