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Sablatura Middle School and Pearland Junior High West crowned Quiz Bowl Co-Champions

West_Quiz Bowl

       Pearland Independent School District middle school and junior high teams waged a battle of trivia skills March 1 that ended in Sablatura Middle School and Pearland Junior High West tied for the overall Grand Championship.

       During the fourteenth annual Quiz Bowl, students competed in general trivia and Super Quiz contests based on the 2019 Academic Decathlon theme – the Groovy 1960’s.

       Hosted by Pearland ISD Advanced Academics, this district event builds capacity and interest in the high school Academic Decathlon program.

       Individual and team scores are as follows:

       Individual High Scores

       Alexander Middle School: Brooklyn Stewart

       Jamison Middle School: Seidy Franco and Grace Toney

       Rogers Middle School: Daniel Miller

       Sablatura Middle School: Tanishta Anbu and Kyle Mandola

       Berry Miller Junior High: Hantao Jin, Joshua Chen and Tanner Tran

       Pearland Junior High East: Ben Chicoria and Peyton Farmer

       Pearland Junior High South: Sadie Alexander

       Pearland Junior High West: Sophie Nguyen, Sophie Adams, Diego Contreras and Felix Donarumo

       General Trivia - First Place

       5th Grade – Sablatura: Derek Zhu, Tanishta Anbu, Zoe Yang and Emma Xi

       6th Grade – Sablatura: Van Pham, Kyle Mandola, Ethan Norman and Daniel Tran

       7th Grade – Berry Miller: Hantao Jin, Caleb Dean, Evan Horvith and Emma Lundberg

       8th Grade – PJH West: Sophie Adams, Annie Vu, Diego Contreras and Felix Donarumo

       General Trivia - Second Place

       5th Grade - Sablatura: Mason Frank, Jeremiah Keeton, Amy Zhang and Bryan Zhao

       6th Grade - Rogers: Patrick Hughes, Annalise Martinez, Mike Christner and Yifan Wang

       7th Grade – PJH West: Michael Pair, Sophie Nguyen, Ben Walsworth-Purkiss and Anagha Joby

       8th Grade – Berry Miller: Colin Luu, Tanner Tran, Gracin Nguyen and Issac Koshy

       Super Quiz - First Place

       5th Grade - Sablatura: Ares Zhou, Roy Wang, Jason Chen, Geoffrey Liu, Nicholas Garza, Kara Li, Helina Days, Sarang Manappurathu

       6th Grade – Rogers: Ellyse Torano, Clay Wayne, Mike Christner, Jack Liu, Miles Hartgerink, Jonathan Niu, Chen Wang, Caroline Choykeyeovitch

       7th Grade – Berry Miller: Evan Horvith, Emma lundberg, Cristian Garcia, Hantao Jin, Sophia Fan, Timothy Chou, Tanush Thirunagari, Caleb Dean

       8th Grade – PJH West: Tia Evans, Annie Vu, Kimaya Savargaonkar, Maximillian Almendariz, Evelyn Marshall, Courtney Fricke, Geneva Cline

       Super Quiz - Second Place

       5th Grade – Alexander: Maverick Garner, Jaden Williams, Brooklyn Stewart, Aubrey Connor, Natalie Hitzman, Kirk Roberts, Thomas Behymer

       6th Grade – Sablatura: Abigail Days, Chris Lopez, J.P. Jewell, Phillip Chambers, Kesler Do, Vincent Vareen, Tadewa Oyewole, Hilton Gray

       7th Grade – West: Hayle Ma, Daniel Jacob, Arya Kordia, Ben Walsworth-Purkiss, Anagha Joby, Nandini Nukola, Carden Tran, Ethan Montes

       8th Grade – Miller: Sai Kaushik, Ethan Nguyen, Teddy Bao, Colin Luu, Tanner Tran, Roma Mudnal, Gracin Nguyen

       Quiz Bowl coaches included Lindsey Stephens (Alexander), Maria Rivera and Debbie Tatuaca (Jamison), Kim Long (Rogers), Christy Vanderwoude and Cassandra Maldonado (Sablatura), Marc Holmes (Berry Miller), Jason Franks (PJH East), Merideth Oliver & Kent Helms (PJH South) and Dawn Gosse and Ashley Hill (PJH West).