Compulsory Attendance Law §25.085

A student between the ages of 6 and 18 must attend school, as well as any district-required accelerated instruction program, extended year program (summer school), tutorial sessions, or disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP) assigned unless the student is otherwise legally exempted or excused.

A student who voluntary attends or enrolls at age 19 or older is required to attend school each school day.

Upon enrollment in pre-kindergarten or kindergarten, a child must attend school.

A school district shall refer a parent and student (of age) to truancy court within 10 school days of the student’s 10th unexcused full or partial day absence within a six month period. School employees must investigate and report violations of the state compulsory attendance law.

Skipping: A student absent without permission from school from any class including required special programs, such as additional accelerated instruction or required tutorials, will be considered in violation of the compulsory attendance law and subject to disciplinary action.

Tardies/Late Arrivals: Please make sure your child arrives at school on time. The car drop off line can become extremely crowded in the morning. Your child is never tardy when they ride the bus. If you choose to drive your child to school, please make allowances for rainy days, long car rider lines, and traffic. Please leave your home early to avoid your child being tardy. Campuses open 45 minutes prior to school start time. Tardies will count against your child's exemplary perfect attendance. Please be on time or submit a medical note for your child at the time of arrival. Excessive unexcused late arrivals will be considered as missing part of a day for truant conduct purposes unless there is a rare, extenuating circumstance or a medical note is submitted.

Early Checkouts: Early Checkouts will count against your child's exemplary perfect attendance. Please make sure your child stays the entire instructional day. Unless the student is sent home by the nurse or a medical note is submitted upon the student’s return to school the next day, making a habit of checking out your child early for invalid reasons will be considered an unexcused partial day absence. See Policy FEA (LEGAL)

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