Truancy Prevention Measures §25.0915

If a student accumulates 3 days or parts of days within a four week period of unexcused absences, Pearland ISD will begin to implement Truancy Prevention Measures (TPM) as required. Truancy prevention measures (TPM) are required by law to assist parents and prevent the filing with the court for compulsory attendance.

The compulsory attendance letters are automatically generated by computer at 3 unexcused days (or parts of days) in a four week period and 7 unexcused days (or parts of days) in a six month period. The letters gives the parent legal notice that their student has accumulated excessive unexcused absences. In addition, a 90% loss of credit letter will be sent when applicable. A district is required by law to notify the student’s parent the following:

  1. Inform the parent that:
    a. It is the parent’s duty to monitor the student’s school attendance and require the student to attend school; 
    b. The student is subject to truancy prevention measures under Education Code 25.0915; and
  2. Request a conference between school officials and the parent to discuss the absences.

The fact that a parent did not receive the notices described above is not a defense for the parent’s failure to require a child to attend school nor for the student’s failure to attend school.

TPM’s may include student and parent contact made by a host of school officials such as the Teacher, Attendance Clerk, Counselor, or Administrator. A behavioral attendance contract or documented, regular counseling specific to solving attendance related issues is now required for all Jr. High and High School students. Other requirements may be Saturday School, tutorials, participation in RISE mentoring, change in class scheduling, or application/enrollment in the academic alternative school. A student or parent conference or home visit by the Attendance Officer may be appropriate in some cases as well as referrals to out-of-school counseling or other social services. 

After the warning notice is issued, the truancy prevention measures have been applied with little or no success, the parent with criminal negligence fails to require the child to attend school as required by law and the student continues to miss school, the district shall file a complaint with the court. The truancy prevention facilitator for the district is Susan Holloway. If you have questions about your student and the effect of his or her absences from school, please contact the facilitator or any other campus administrator. 

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