Homeschool Exemption

A student in a home school program shall be exempt from compulsory attendance if he or she is pursuing in good faith a curriculum consisting of books, workbooks, other written materials (including those that appear on an electronic screen of either a computer or video tape monitor), or any combination of these.  The curriculum shall be designed to meet basic education goals of reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics, and a study of good citizenship.  TEA v. Leeper, 893 S.W.2d 432 (Tex. 1994)

Parents may withdraw their child at the school by signing the letter of assurance or send written documentation to the school (email or letter) assuring the above underlined criteria. Note: The date home schooling begins is now required by the Texas Education Agency in order to withdraw a child from public school. It is important to make certain that students are withdrawn and that home schooling is currently being taught in order to avoid schools counting the student absent prior to withdrawal and potentially filing truancy charges. The date that homeschooling begins should coincide with or be slightly prior to the withdrawal date. 

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