Late Pick-Up/Early Morning Drop-off

It is required for your child to be picked up on time by following individual campus pick-up procedures. There is no supervision available for students after school. If there is an emergency which prohibits you from picking up your child immediately after school or school activity (including tutorials), please call the school office and inform them. If you are unable to reach the school, call the Pearland Police Department at 281-997-4300 and inform the dispatcher that there has been an emergency and ask the dispatcher to notify the campus or Student Resource Officer (SRO) assigned to that campus.

In cases when a child is left after school or school activities and no contact has been made by a parent or guardian for an extended time period or a child has been left multiple times for non-emergency reasons, Pearland Police, and/or Children’s Protective Services may be called for assistance. Likewise, parents should make arrangements for childcare in the early mornings as well. No child should be left unattended on campus without adult supervision prior to teacher duty time.

In addition, a repeated action for non-emergency reasons will trigger a residency check home visit. When the investigation is complete, if a student does not reside in the Pearland ISD district, the student will be required to enroll in the district in which they live.

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