What will happen if the proposal is not supported by voters?

This is the first bond election Pearland ISD has held since 2006.

Without bond money, Pearland ISD would be unable to perform the many expansion, maintenance, upgrade, technology and security issues identified in the bond projects. On many items, delays in repairs and renovations would cause an increase in cost over time. Some campuses (such as Dawson High School) are already overcrowded and need significant additional classroom/activity space. The alternative would be a very large purchase of additional portable buildings beyond those already in place throughout Pearland ISD.

Regarding technology, Pearland ISD does not receive as much state funding help as the average district. Therefore, the district has not been able to keep pace with increased student enrollment and with replacing older computers/technology (as old as 12 years).

As for security, the bond proposals are designed to add safety measures to the front entrances and all doors throughout campuses. Without such funding, the security level remains as presently configured.