To address overcrowding at Dawson High School, why not move students to Pearland High School instead of adding on to DHS?

Built for a capacity of 2,000, Dawson High School currently has 2,500 students and is expected to grow to 2,700.

Pearland High School, which has a capacity of 3,800, currently enrolls 3,000 students and has approximately 250 Turner College and Career High School students who attend for part of the day.

Within the next 10 years, PHS is projected to grow by about 650. Thus, PHS cannot accommodate DHS’s 500 extra students without exceeding capacity. Furthermore, with anticipated enrollment growth in both DHS and PHS zones, the overcrowding situation increases with each year:

Dawson High School:
Enrollment capacity: 2,000
Current enrollment: 2,500
Projected enrollment in next decade: 2,700

Pearland High School:
Enrollment capacity: 3,800
Current enrollment: 3,250 (includes part-time TCCHS students)
Projected enrollment over next decade: approximately 4,050 (includes part-time TCCHS students)

Turner College and Career High School:
Enrollment capacity: 1,250
Current enrollment: 1,175
Projected enrollment: 1,250 (capped)

3,250 (current PHS + part-time TCCHS students) + 500 (DHS current over-capacity enrollment) would result in 3,750 students at PHS this year. With enrollment predicted to grow by another 650 in the future, PHS cannot absorb any additional DHS students.

DHS, PHS and TCCHS all need additional capacity to handle current and future enrollment.